Top Nanotechnology companies in Finland

Nanotechnology companies in Finland

Nanotechnology is a study of manipulating matter on molecular and atomic scale. It deals with structures sized between 1 to 100 nanometer in at least one dimension and involves the development of devices and materials possessing a minimum of one dimension within that size.

Some of the best nanotechnology companies in Finland:

CanatuCanatu is an innovative developer and manufacturer of 3D formable and stretchable transparent conductive films and touch sensors. Canatu’s solutions bring the design freedom and user interface to the next level for 3D shaped touch surfaces.  The patented Carbon NanoBud material enable seamless touch design to plastic, glass, and textile.

Picosun OyPicosun is the leading provider of advanced ALD thin film coating technology for global industries and R&D. Picosun’s production-proven ALD solutions enable high performance IC components, smart sensors and MEMS devices, brightest LEDs, powder materials functionalization for e.g. medical substances and catalyst manufacturing, and protective, anti-tarnish, barrier, and biocompatible coatings for minting, watchmaking, jewelry, and medical equipment industries.

Biolin ScientificBiolin Scientific is the premier scientific instrumentation provider. Their products are high-tech precision instruments for research within surface, material and bioscience. They focus on service and application support for their customers, as well as on technology development and knowledge. Their products are based on advanced measurement techniques and all of their technologies are unique, patented or have earned industry leadership through long-term experience and development.

Beneq CorporationBeneq Oy manufactures and supplies production and research equipment for thin film coatings. It develops atomic layer deposition and aerosol-based coating equipment for research and concrete production environments. The company’s products are used in barrier coatings, buffer layer for copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, and surface passivation for crystalline silicon strengthened glass, biocompatible coatings, decorative coatings, glass coloration, optical coatings, particle coatings, transparent conductive oxide, and anti-tarnish coatings applications. In addition, it manufactures thin film electroluminescent displays. The company provides thin film coating services ranging from experimental concept confirmation to industrial-scale production for research, concept evaluation, pilot production, and mass production; and aerosol coating and after-sales services. It serves displays, energy, electronics, glass coatings, jewelry, lighting, medical, minting, optics, and solar markets in Finland and internationally.