seattle software companies

10 Top Software Companies in Seattle Providing Advance Solutions

Seattle, a city surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland is quickly becoming ...
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Brain Chip Technology

Brain Chip Technology Might Level The Playing Field With Lurking Uncertainties

The human brain is an extraordinary creation of nature, consisting of 100 billion neurons and each of these neurons seems ...
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austin software companies

10 Best Software Companies in Austin, Texas in 2020

Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States and the capital of its second-largest state, Texas. Compared ...
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Sport Technology Providers

The 5 Best Sport Technology Providers That understand The Market Needs

The collaboration between sports and technology started long back. Assistance from technology always helped sports either in decision making or ...
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apple event blog

How is apple card different from other cards?

Apple Special Event: “It’s Showtime” On March 25, 2019, it was no ordinary day for all the Apple fans. In ...
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Facial recognition

Facial recognition: The next-gen future technology

History of facial recognition The history of facial recognition is as old as some of our age. But for some ...
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