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The history of white house

Unexplored Facts about the History of White House

White House has been referred to as the “President’s Palace” throughout history. It has witnessed countless decisions that changed the history of the whole country ...
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Julia koch facts

11 Julia Koch Facts: The Third Richest Woman in World

Do you have any idea about the richest woman in the world? Well, Julia Margaret Flesher Koch is the third richest woman in the world and ...
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alice walton facts

25 Alice Walton Facts Illuminating Her Life and Success

Alice Louise Walton is the only daughter of Wal-Mart owner Sam Walton. She is the heiress to the Wal-Mart. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index, ...
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Amazon Success Story: From a Startup to a 12-figure Business

The e-commerce sector around the world is flourishing today and the major credit behind this shift goes to Amazon. One of the pioneers in e-commerce, ...
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Tips to Build a Successful Franchise

Expand the Wings of your Business: 8 Tips to Build a Successful Franchise

“Franchise is the best way to promulgate a business.” Today, the franchising business is a vast-spread concept across the world. It is an excellent way ...
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10 Gina Rinehart Facts: Know the Journey of the Wealthiest Iron Billionaire

In 2015, one of Australia’s powerful miners’ daughter shook the world of business when she was listed as the 37th most Powerful woman in the ...
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Laurene Powell Jobs Facts

10 Uncommon Laurene Powell Jobs Facts that Reflect her Genius Business Mind

While being the face and brains of a company advocating for social justice, Laurene Powell Jobs is regarded as the wealthiest woman in the technology ...
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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin

The Curious Space Race of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin

As has been the case with many new, complex, and capital-intensive technologies—from fossil fuels to nuclear power to the Internet—government investment has been critical to ...
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business leaders contributing to COVID 19

9 Business Leaders Dedicatedly Contributing to Combat COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has taken the whole world by a storm. Over the past few weeks, it is expanding its footprint throughout the world rather ...
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sell me this pen

“Sell me this pen” Answered from an interviewer’s perspective!

“Sell me this pen!” How often have you been asked this question during an interview?  “Sell me this pen” became a signature analyzer for the ...
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warren buffett books

10 Books Which Made Warren Buffett One of the Greatest Investors of All Time

We all know Mr. Warren Buffett as one of the most successful investors in the world, former richest man on the earth and an inspiration ...
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Innovative Companies

Top 12 Innovative Companies Who Dare To Think Different

What innovation is and how it directly related to the business? We come across these types of questions every now and then. The definition of ...
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