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The 5 Best Sport Technology Providers That understand The Market Needs

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Sport Technology Providers

The collaboration between sports and technology started long back. Assistance from technology always helped sports either in decision making or in the betterment of the sports. Whether its cricket, football or any other popular sports, the involvement of technology is on the rise. There is hardly any sport played without the use of technology. Being a huge football fan, the introduction of VAR in football is one of the latest examples of involvement of technology into sports. And for those who are wondering, what VAR is?  VAR stands for Video Assistant Referee that helps the head referee to make the decision using video footage and headset for communication. Since its introduction a lot has changed in football, especially in the decision making in the crucial moments is now slightly easier than before.

Such exciting technologies aiding sports sector are covered in Mirror Review’s latest magazine issue of “The Top Cutting Edge Sports Technology Solution Providers 2019”

  1. Sports engineer

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Sports Engineers is an outstanding sports software provider that is striving to bring data to life. Co-founder Jan van Eck and Leander Philippo who are trying to backup sports sector using data. Jan says, “The favorite part of my role is that I have the comfort of undergoing the feeling of success with a group of great people. Our team is willing to take that one step further to achieve the best, regardless of an outcome.” Its sports software solutions offer League Management, Tournament Management, Match Centre, Club Solutions, Ads Management, Data Distribution, and Registration and payment.

  1. 776BC

The two-time Olympic Rower and Beijing Silver MedalistCameron McKenzie-McHarg and his wife, Kate McKenzie-McHarg are the Founders of 776BC. An Australian sports company, 776BC brings a completely new range of sports products called Motion sportswear. This range of innovative sportswear uses visual feedback via biomarkers to improve an athlete’s movements. It offers a range of products and services designed to level-up athletic performance. Each item combines technical performance solutions with true athlete insights. In addition, using the integrated sharing functionality compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, messaging, and email, every activity can be analyzed remotely. Such sharing features further to make it easier to build custom training assessment programs. Presently, to link innovative technologies with true performance outcomes and solutions, 776BC has partnered with elite athletes, teams, colleges, institutes, and technology companies.

  1. Fusion Sports

Founded in 2003, Fusion Sport is a universal leader in human performance software. It is passionate about elevating human performance and has developed a highly respected suite of sports software analytics products supported by comprehensive services to assist organizations to manage and enhance the performance of their athletes. The CEO and Co-Founder of Fusion SportMarkus Deutsch invented his first sports technology device—the ‘GRUNT 3000’. Markus states “I love hanging out with the product development team, working on our next round of innovations.” In 2011, Fusion Sport expanded its product range with the launch of the SMARTABASE human performance platform. SMARTABASE is designed to provide elite sporting organizations with a one-stop-shop solution for the holistic performance management of their teams. It is highly customizable and capable of allowing the integration of other systems and legacy products into its operations. SMARTABASE enables sporting bodies to capture, manage, analyze, report and share data across the whole organization. It is capable of capturing and managing data around all elements of a human’s activities including health, diet, nutrition, exercise, fitness, performance, motion, recovery, rehabilitation, rest, even sleep – and then combining this into athlete, group, team and organization level information which can be dissected and analyzed from every angle or requirement.

  1. MySail Pty Ltd.

Deborah Dalziel, Founder, and CEO of MySail sailed whole life and being involved in the sailing community in Sydney for almost a decade now. She is passionate about growing sailing and bringing new people into sports. Leveraging the MySail Connect platform, she provides an easy way for new sailors to recognize the available opportunities and to connect with other sailors and yacht owners. Deborah Dalziel says, “Since our early days, we’ve expanded our thinking from a platform to help ‘get your crew sorted’ to a platform that connects people across the sailing industry.”  Deborah identified the challenges that yacht owners or their designated crew managers faced in organizing their regular race crew, and hence decided to fabricate MySail to grapple those challenges. MySail is an excellent tech solution to one of the biggest challenges in the yachting world—the availability and management of the race crew.  MySail’s offerings are targeted towards two key user groups involved in yacht racing – skippers and crew. For skippers and managers of racing yachts, MySail provides an online solution to easily find, manage, and communicate with their sailing crews. For sailors, MySail renders an easy way to keep track of their busy sailing schedules and find their next – or first – crewing position on a race yacht. The MySail provides a simple way to help club members to organize their race crew and connect with new sailors, as well as bring new sailors into the club, helping to grow the potential member base and freeing yacht club administrators to focus on managing their club.

  1. PMY Group

Founded in 2009, PMY provides independent strategy and investment support to venues needing to enhance their technology environment. PMY act alongside venues to assist developing, executing, and funding their digital and technology strategies. The company is consistently focused on evaluating new technologies to assess their appropriateness for each industry sector and to develop models to maximize return on investment for its clients. Paul Yeomans, the Managing Director of PMY Group, is an agile, dexterous, and effectual leader, who brings up around 15 years of experience. At PMY, the multi-talented personality plays various roles as per the requirement. As a higher-level executive, he leads and executes the strategic direction of the business and by managing the clients, driving the growth agenda, and setting the culture & standards for his organization. Paul asserts, “We are strongly of the view that focusing on this and trusting our strategic agenda will hold us in good stead as the market evolves.” Technical Consulting, Commercial Advisory, Project Delivery, and Managed Services are the major services provided by the PMY. Moreover, the firm is also involved in investments, where it provides capital and expertise to assist major venues to own and manage world-class digital and technology infrastructure.

We hope this blog helped you understand fascinating sports technologies. This blog is slightly different from a regular blog, but quite fascinating covering both technology and sports sector in one. Click here to know more about them.

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