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Escape The Earth For A While With 13 Zenith Space Facts

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Space facts

Space – this sheer minuscule word carries trillions and trillions of stars, billions of galaxies, and planets both discovered and undiscovered. Space is vast so is its mystery and we are still unearthing it. Launching a flare of 13 out-of-the-world space facts that would make our scalps prick.

  1. The Sun contributes 99% of the solar system’s mass:

Space facts

The Sun needs to shed some extra galaxies and stars, isn’t it? Just kidding! As we know from an immature age, Sun is the head of the Solar System, it’s true. It beholds eight planets, little moons, comets, asteroids, dust particles, galaxies, gases, and maybe aliens!

  1. There’s a diamond planet! 

Space facts

Yes! I’m awestruck just like you. This planet would be the favorite amongst earthlings. The lustrous 55 Cancri is coated with graphite and diamond. The 55 Cancri is double the size of the planet Earth. The planet is called “Super-Earth.” Earth might irk at us if she overlooks this article. Ssh!

  1. Space is silent:

Space facts

Space is a vacuum and it’s damn quiet out there. The space is so tranquil that no one can hear if someone screams. As space has no atmosphere, there’s no medium for sound to travel. Astronauts use the radio to communicate because radio waves can be transmitted. Talkative worldlings cannot survive up there, unfortunately.

  1. Some rituals are carried away before speeding beyond:

Space facts

Russian rituals before decamping from the Earth include planting memorial saplings even in the harsh hitting winter in Kazakh. Another ritual follows watching the 1970 matinee The White Sun of the Desert the night before the launch and they tune in Russian love tracks a day before their spacecraft departs gravity.

  1. A zero-gravity experience:

Space facts

Before going on board, each crew member from the orbiter is gyrated on a swivel chair and inclined upside down on an especial bed as a warm-up activity for the upcoming experience. 

Wait! I know it’s getting interesting. Take a deep breath and continue the read.

  1. Saturn can replace a bathtub toy:

Space facts

(Terms and conditions apply)Only if we manage a bathtub as large as Saturn. This is because Saturn is less massy than H2O. There is more surrounding the Saturn than it’s mighty rings like hydrogen, helium, ammonia, methane ice, and water ice. Isn’t Saturn a cool planet?

  1. We are unaware but we have heard the birth of our universe nth times. Yes! Read further to know more:

Space facts

When our cosmos was born, it blasted a faint humming bunch of energy called cosmic background radiation. Sometimes telescopes catch up this energy that was scattered with the first clues of the universal launch. This proves the origin of the universe is the great Big Bang theory. It’s crazy but an undeniable truth to realize that one percent of TV static energy is a composition out of this radiations. And when we tune on T.V sets wrongly, we can watch the birth of our universe.

  1. Just 5% of outer space is visible from the Earth:

Space facts

The dark energy (65%) and dark matter (27%) create the maze. We cannot have a clear idea of dark matter. It is more fascinating and tangling than anyone can ever imagine. The atmosphere does not block the space from being seeable. 

  1. Something solemn:

Space facts

If a spacesuit leak, the astronaut or the crew member can survive just a couple of minutes. They may fall unconscious around 10 seconds. The low pressure of the vacuum would boil the life elixir blood-forming gas bubbles and bloat for the same. Finally, the lack of oxygen would be fatal. But our never-ending technology shields our space landers and so shall our orisons.

  1. The Moon and space have their own scent:

Space facts

What an amazing fact! The Moon smells like burnt gunpowder and the Space like hot metal and parched steak. Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan once said, Moondust, “I wish I could send you some, just a thimbleful scooped fresh off the lunar space. It’s amazing stuff.” Only if we could feel the snowish confetti moondust on our fingertips!

  1. There is a special kind of a neutron star called “magnetar” and getting closer to it can strip the electrons from the atoms in the human body:

Space facts

Magnetar has the strongest magnetic areas. They are so effective that if a human body encircles it within a 1000 Kms the magnetic field will kill the atoms in the human body in a fraction of seconds. Presently, the most powerful magnet on the Earth is about 410,000 Gauss. A magnetic field of a single magnetar can be as hefty as one quadrillion gauss. That is one Gauss with 15 zeros.

  1. Forget the socks, Carry the hat!

Space facts

If we could stand at the Martin Equator, the temperature at the feet would be warm like a sunny day, but your teeth may shiver and head would freeze! This article will surely entangle you and sort your space curiosities. After an engaging series of facts let’s glance at a future fact waiting in the stands.

  1. NASA has unmasked the most powerful rocket to be sent to the Moon by 2024:

Space factsNASA’s Space Launch System(SLS) has announced to carry American astronauts, including a women astronaut will soar high back to the Moon in 2024. The Apollo mission’s Artemis project vows the rocket “the most powerful one.”The project will surface around the lunar body.

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