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Top 10 Automobile Companies in Detroit

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Top 10 Automobile Companies in Detroit

Originated in the 20th century, the United States is the birthplace of the automobile industry. The outstanding contribution of the automotive industry brings technological advancements, full-scale mass production, and a process combining precision in the market. Moreover, it assures travel safety and provides an appropriate investment medium for customers. Making the right choice of the auto company on which you want to spend money might be crucial. With this blog of top 10 automobile companies in Detroit, we aim to help you in the decision-making process as per your comfort.

1. General Motors

General Motors

Founded in: 1908

Revenue: $122.5 billion

Headquarters: Detroit, MI

General Motors (GM) is striving to create a world where there are zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion. It ranks first in top 10 automobile companies in Detroit. GM is one of the global leaders when it comes to pushing the limits of transportation and technology. With innovation at its core, GM is committed to an all-electric future. Recently, it launched a new program called National Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) that could put more than seven million long-range EVs on the road by 2030 and help reduce carbon emissions by 375 million tons over existing ZEV programs.

2. Cavnue


Founded in: 2020

Revenue: $130 million

Headquarters: Detroit, MI

Cavnue is building the future of roads. It has built partnerships with industry leaders of automotive and autonomous mobility companies to frame the best team to deliver world class services to customers. Recently in 2020, it launched Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP) to evolve the existing crumbling framework of transport to leverage technological advancement. Cavnue is designing the physical, digital, and operational infrastructure to accelerate and realize the full potential of connected and autonomous vehicles to make roads safer, less congested, shared, and sustainable.

3. Comau

comau Automobile Companies in Detroit

Founded in: 1973

Revenue: $122.5 billion

Headquarters: Southfield, MI

Comau is a worldwide leader in the industrial automation field. It offers complete engineering solutions, including product development and realization of industrial processes and automation systems. Through dynamic research and development, the company is expanding and improving its product portfolio. Recently it introduced Automotive Manufacturing Technology to evolve its manufacturing, innovation and electrification technology. It offers global capacity as a system integrator of complete engineering solutions from product development to process automation.

4. Demand Detroit

Demand Detroit

Founded in: 1937

Revenue: $313.7 million

Headquarters: Detroit, MI

Demand Detroit delivers great innovative solutions for its customers and for the environment. It also offers a complete line of heavy-duty diesel engines, axles, transmissions, safety systems, and connected vehicle services. These services are useful for the commercial transportation industry in both the on-highway and vocational markets. The dedicated team is committed to making businesses more efficient, cost-effective, profitable, and successful. Recently, it introduced telemetric arm Detroit Connect to set a new standard for developing innovative technology to increase fuel efficiency and improve product reliability.

5. American Axle & Manufacturing

American Axle & Manufacturing Automobile Companies in Detroit

Founded in: 1994

Revenue: $4.7 billion

Headquarters: Detroit, MI

American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AAM) manufactures designs to validate driveline and drivetrain systems. It assembles technical components and chassis modules for light trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), passenger cars, crossover vehicles and commercial vehicles. Its outstanding products include axles, chassis modules, drive shafts, power transfer units, transfer cases, chassis, and steering components. It is launching upcoming advancements in drive heads, transmission parts and metal-formed products.

6. Urban Science

urban sci

Founded in: 1977

Revenue: $26.8 million

Headquarters: Detroit, MI

Urban Science is a business-solutions company focused on supporting the needs of the sales and marketing function of the automotive industry. It leverages a scientific methodology to help its client partners sell more vehicles, improve profitability, and increase customer loyalty. It helps solve their toughest challenges including planning an optimal dealership network, improving individual dealer performance, and efficiently converting sales leads into sales.

7. Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA Automobile Companies in Detroit

Founded in: 1965

Revenue: $7.6 billion

Headquarters: Montvale, NJ

Mercedes-Benz combines luxury with performance across the full line of models and spends its sponsorship on events that attract a well-heeled crowd. The company has great employee retention with staff members usually staying for 4.1 years. Mercedes-Benz USA is a key player in the automotive industry with 1,400 employee. It works with the mission of building the best premium vehicle in the world, making it among the most prominent automobile industries in Detroit. in Mercedes-Benz USA is ranked 16th on the Best Automotive Companies to Work for in America list.

8. Ford Motor

Ford Motor Automobile Companies in Detroit

Founded in: 1903

Revenue: $127.1 billion

Headquarters: Dearborn, MI

The mission of Ford Motor is to become the world’s leading consumer company for automotive products and services. They are working hard to bring about the electrification revolution targeting 600,000 all-electric vehicle sales by 2026. Ford is partnering with technology companies and parking infrastructure providers to develop an Automated Valet Parking feature for the Ford Pass App, which will allow drivers to exit the car before it parks.

9. Chevrolet


Founded in: 1911

Revenue: $127.1 billion

Headquarters: Detroit, MI

Chevrolet is an automobile division of General Motors Company, serving as an industry leader with 30,000 employees. The company has a diverse background, gender identity, and language skills of their workforce. It purchases raw materials for production requirements through different suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to the industry. Lately, it introduced the new 2023 Colorado which offers customers greater performance, capability and customization with a refreshed exterior and interior design.

10. MSX International

MSX International Automobile Companies in Detroit

Founded in: 1996

Revenue: $1.3 billion

Headquarters: Detroit, MI

MSX International provides specialized technology-based services to automobile firms. Moreover, the company has innovated in the automotive industry for more than a half-century. For example, its partnership with Cognitran proved its expertise in delivering the highest technical solution in automotive. It has received Hermes Platinum and Gold Awards for the development of outstanding training courses. This appreciation made the company provide technology-enabled Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) services worldwide. Likewise, it serves as a perpetual pioneer, opening new roads in the retail network and human capital solutions spaces.

Creating New Employment Opportunities

The automobile industry designs develops, manufactures, and sells motor vehicles. It is one of the topmost economic sectors to provide employment opportunities. Similarly, more than 63,000 people in the USA work in the automotive sectors and 16,500 of them work in high-value manufacturing. Recent technological developments in electric vehicles enabled this industry to become environment friendly and sustainable for future generations. This blog provides you with significant insights of top 10 automobile companies in Detroit. This will give you an idea of recent competition in the automotive sector and its contribution to the USA economy.

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