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Brain Chip Technology Might Level The Playing Field With Lurking Uncertainties

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Brain Chip Technology

The human brain is an extraordinary creation of nature, consisting of 100 billion neurons and each of these neurons seems capable of making around 1,000 connections, representing about 1,000 potential synapses, which largely do the work of data storage. Now, magnify each of these 100 billion neurons by 1,000 connections it can make, and you get 100 trillion data points or about 100 terabytes of information. It is fascinating how much data a human brain can store, but the real issue is not the storage of data, the problem is the availability of that data when we need it.

Have you ever imagined why some people are smarter and have all the information and answer without using their phones or the internet? Why they are called more intelligent? Intelligent persons certain brain regions are more strongly involved in the flow of information between brain regions, while other brain regions are less engaged. This allows intelligent people to exchange information between different sub-networks of the brain and communicate important information quickly and efficiently.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to type in a box and click to feel lucky. All the information will come to you whenever and wherever you need it. You can enhance the knowledge and skill base at par with the so-called intelligent people. The concept is straight out of the sci-fi movies as recent research has shown promising results in the field of brain chip technology.

Brain Chip Technology-Enabled Super Brain

The brain chip is researched with a broader vision to enhance the memory of human beings, to help patients suffering from paralysis and for military use. In the future, we might see implantable computer chips acting as sensors or actuators assisting in the retention of the major part of the experience, providing fluency in several different languages and recognition of previously unmet individuals. The technology is in developmental stages, although many implants are already been made for experimental purposes in the human brain. The study of the human brain is one of the most complicated areas of research. It might take many years before the practical application of this technology can fructify.

The major problem that is in front of the scientists and researchers at this point is establishing a connection between silicon chips with organic neurons. The work is in progress to develop micro-electrode arrays that can link the two without facing rejection from the defense mechanism of the body which prevents neurons and electrodes from making contact. As human experimentation is prohibited, rats and monkeys are helping us unravel the next big thing. That can change how we think and react to different stimuli from our environment but can completely revolutionize the concept of intelligence in human beings.

Broader Implications and Applications of Implantable Brain Chips

These implantable brain chips can potentially cure life-altering diseases and injuries. The experimentation on the animal has shown some promising signs which encouraged their use in human patients. The knowledge at hands of the brain’s functionality with the integration of highly evolved implantable brain chips will pave the way for the possibilities that this technology can be used in endless ways. The technology already helping patients suffering from paralyzes, the disease that supposedly incurable before, in which patients lose partially or fully movement of the body. The brain-computer interface helps paralyzed patients control a mouse cursor on a computer screen.

In another experiment, a quadriplegic patient was able to control a robotic arm through a chip implanted in her brain. The theory of super soldiers can be realized due to brain chip technology. The soldier can think and react fast and have all the information stored in the brain connected to the base to follow orders. For normal people, they might not have to go to school and colleges to get an education. The chip will educate and train them for all the possibilities that life has to offer. This will make us truly equal.

Marvelous Fantasy Might Become Cruel Realty

The brain chip technology took me back to the movie ‘Universal Soldier’, in which dead soldiers were brought back to life to be commanded and controlled by the army through computer and satellite networks. They were the perfect fighting machines, neither needed food and water nor get fatigued and the best part was lack of human shortcomings such as emotional connection, empathy, and forgiveness.

The brain chip technology might steal our consciousness, one thing that makes us unique, no matter how ordinary we feel about ourselves, the matter of the fact is every individual is special in their own way. Our brain is the only thing that brings that individuality and free will to us if we lose our power to choose then we are merely empty vessels that can be manipulated as the puppet master chooses.

With implantable mind chips our brain connected to the online networking system, we can access information about anything through our mind and the same technology can be hacked to make people do dubious things without consciously knowing about it. The ability to feel happiness and pain while dealing with the situations of life as it comes makes us human, true that technology had made it better but how much is too much we have to decide.