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Engagement of Artificial intelligence in the Retail Industry

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Artificial intelligence in Retail

In early days, people used to go to the retail stores and all the things were done manually. Processes like billing, porting of materials, and security check-in needed a lot of time and additional resources.

But nowadays things are getting changed not only in billing part but in many things. People are getting habituated to these changes as it helps the people to lessen the workload and do the work smartly. Yes smartly, as the technology is changing day by day and the work culture is shifting from bull-work to smart-work. It doesn’t matter how much a person is doing the work it matters how fast and smartly a person can do the work so that it will get recognized in the E-retail or in retail sectors.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped the retail industry in growing faster than any other industry. The billing, service, customer care and trail rooms have changed when AI came into the retail sector.

Artificial Intelligence changing the way of shopping 

Can the whole store be managed by the artificial intelligence? Yes it can be. If there would be no human being in a store then also the store can run in an effective manner. Many people would wonder how it can be possible. But the E-Commerce company Amazon has opened its full AI store in Washington. In this store, there is no cashier, checkout and no floor manager. Only chefs are there who are making the ready to eat foods otherwise there are no employee in the stores. Looking to that, WalMart is testing for opening its first AI store, where there will be no cashier and no checkout so that the customers will just pick up the items, pay online and go. The good thing is that there will be no long queue, which will consume less time for the customer.  Many will think how the checkout process will work. Don’t worry; the stores are having the same type of technologies as of self-driving cars – computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. Just walk out of the store and the technology keeps the track of materials a person has taken and it automatically sends the receipt of the bill into the store app.

Furthermore, the amazon drone delivery has helped the company for fast delivery. The first drone delivery had been done on December 17, 2016, where was no human pilot of the drone.

It has taken only 13 minutes to complete the full delivery process.

AI has also helped the customers to buy cosmetics. Sephora a cosmetic company that allows their customers to try cosmetic in a virtual way so that they don’t have to put cosmetics on their skin manually and trail it. This helps the customer to choose the better cosmetic product.

This AI technology has also touched the company like lenskart, wherein the app  we can see that how we look in a particular spec so that we can order or buy that product. It helps to lessen the time consumption of the customer. Through this technology one can easily get the best suited specs.

In future, applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Industry are expected increase with a alarming rate.

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