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Why Experts Believe IBM Provides Best Enterprise Solutions ?

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Did you know that IBM was initially called as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) at the time of its inception in 1911? However, after three years, it was renamed as International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Since then, the Charles Ranlett Flint founded company has been at the forefront of innovation in every technology and every industry. The Armonk, NY headquartered company manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software, and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from cloud computing, mainframe computers to nanotechnology. That’s why, businesses from SMEs to large enterprises are leveraging the superior IBM’s services for managing their workflows and streamlining their processes. This confidence of their clients has truly made IBM, a leading enterprise solution provider.

Recently, Mirror Review has featured 10 prominent IBM service provider companies in its latest magazine issue entitled, The 10 Best IBM Solution Providers, 2018. These featured IBM solutions providing indirect vendor companies have reflected their thoughts, deep knowledge and industry expertise with us. They have also shared about the ever-rising demand of IBM solutions in the 21st century, why it is the apt choice of SMEs and MNCs along with their personal acumen on IBM.

  1. Edgetec Systems

Edgetec Systems: Empowering Businesses With IBM Powered Solutions & Services

Located in Sandton, South Africa, Edgetec Systems (Pty) Ltd., is an innovative IT company whose mission is to take clients’ businesses to the next level by achieving increased efficiency through technology. When asked about the advantages IBM provides to the enterprises, Dan Naidoo, Co-founder and CEO of Edgetec Systems shares:

“With a solid track record of working with IBM for more than 22 years, IBM has enabled us to offer our clients their full range of server architectures, configuration options, operating systems, and databases to meet our client’s business needs. IBM delivers superb performance and high availability technologies that can be deployed in private or hybrid cloud environments, and are designed with a focus on security. IBM has always paved the way in innovation for technology and the role technology will play in the future. With IBMs investment in artificial intelligence, we believe IBM is paving the way for a host of life-changing AI applications. IBM helps companies address challenges with solutions that unlock the potential in all data. Leveraging the transformative power of cognitive and cloud, IBM can deliver insights that change how companies make decisions. These insights help companies reengineer and automate business processes. IBM brings peers together from all over the world, creating an opportunity to build synergies and partnerships that stretch beyond our usual operational borders. Enterprises should choose technologies provided by IBM if they wish to future proof themselves. IBM is an established organization that has a proven track record to innovate and steer the direction in which technology will transform now and in the future. With IBM’s global reach and effective partner program, they listen to the market changes and are constantly ahead of the game. This game changing attitude and passion to innovate, in our opinion has made IBM a leading enterprise solution provider.”

2. AppFusions

AppFusions: Contextual Integrated Digital Experiences

Since 2010, AppFusions began productizing holistic integrated solutions, bringing together old and new systems, processes, data, and people within common platforms via deep, vetted, and proven workflow integration solutions. Ellen Feaheny, CEO of AppFusions shares her thoughts about IBM platform for business needs:

“It’s no secret that IBM is a “seasoned” company when it comes to enterprise-grade solutions, with both wide and large-sized-customer base, solution offerings, and yes, hard-knocks “breadth” too. Ultimately, this is their blessing for stability too. Few companies have the deep large-scale experience and breadth that comes with enormous implementations like IBM has ventured into and driven over the years. In my opinion, this is also the experience an enterprise wants on its side as you evolve in your “digital transformation journey” – which all companies must do for survival – whether in phases or not. Strategically, IBM has made great investments in recent years that are compounding in value for the customers. Their investments in data, analytics and cloud – “which includes hardware, software and services for hybrid, public, and private cloud solutions” – are especially key. And their investment ROI is growing fast now: as of April 2018, IBM cloud revenue was at a $17.7 billion run from prior 12 months. IBM’s “business transition” success is clearly “turning a corner” in the enterprise solutions market, and with their long-standing large-enterprise customer-base, they are logistically and logically positioned in the right place at the right time.”

3. Certsys

Certsys: Offering Highest Quality Of Innovative Technological Solutions

Headquartered in São Paulo, Certsys is a leading company with ten years of partnership for sales and integration of IBM systems and software. Named as one of the ‘World’s 100 Most Promising Companies’ in implementing IBM technology-based solutions, Certsys acts strongly in the digital transformation of companies, leading major changes through innovative technologies. In interaction with Stiverson Palma, Co-founder and CEO of Certsys when we asked him why companies should choose IBM’s solutions over others, he shared:

“IBM recently held its 100th anniversary in Brazil, 100 years of pioneering technologies that facilitate processes and make companies of the world more competitive in the market. IBM also invests in research for new technologies and has vocation for innovation.”

4. Comsense

Comsense: Creating Personalized Data-Driven Marketing with Technology

 Sagar Babar, Co-founder and CEO, Comsense shares the current business scenario:

“Marketers are continuously pressured to provide the kinds of experiences that build long-term relationships with thousands or even millions of customers at a time. To add to this daunting task is the ever-evolving number of devices and the varied ways to engage with customers. IBM solutions portfolio offers numerous business benefits to Improve Customer Engagement, Boost customer engagement and conversion with personalised experiences and opportunities to connect with your customers, when and where they expect it. Therefore, companies should adopt IBM solutions in their working ecosystem to increase customer loyalty, leverage AI-powered insights, and capabilities to deliver the right message and offer at the right time in the right channel to grow customer loyalty and, ultimately, revenue.”

5. Estuate

ESTUATE: Building Smart Enterprises with Next-Gen Technology Solutions

Estuate Inc., is a global IT services company, headquartered in Milpitas, CA and spread across several other parts of the world, including New Jersey, Canada, India, the UK and the UAE, Estuate was founded in 2005 on the simple premise that clients value a partner that is adept at technology and business alike, and is highly responsive to their needs. Equally, the leading technology solutions provider company has worked hard to stay true to this fundamental principle.

Over the years, Estuate has also developed deep partnerships with the leading technology vendors of the world, including IBM, HP, Informatica, Oracle, Incorta, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Zuora, that span the gamut from development to joint go-to-market strategies. Prakash Balebail, Co-founder and CEO, Estuate shares his views:

“IBM brings a plethora of modern-age, sophisticated technology solutions and proven service competence under one giant umbrella. Their holistic approach to strategic planning, skillful implementation and efficient support services makes them a world leader in enterprise technology solutions.”  

6. Poslovna Inteligencija

Poslovna Inteligencija: Advancing Data Management With System Implementation Services

Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Poslovna Inteligencija operates from offices in London, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica, and Sarajevo with more than 130 experienced consultants.

Poslovna Inteligencija, with its partners, has been engaged for years in the largest Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Big Data Analytics, Performance Management, and Business intelligence projects. DraženOreščanin, Co-founder and CEO, Poslovna Inteligencija, asserts

Through past decades, IBM solutions enabled our clients with fast transforming and up to date technologies that are highly scalable and adjustable for any industry type. Business success and expansion often bring many challenges, there is more data to be managed and analyzed, business processes become more complex and organizations invest more time and resources in order to maintain control over basic business operations. That is why it is important to start making key decisions with full insight into relevant information, analyze current conditions and project future impact on your business, always staying one-step ahead of the competition. –

7. Praxis Solutions

Manmeet Kaur, Founder and Managing Director of Praxis Solutions

Praxis Solutions is the leading business partner and a systems integrator for IBM with its focus on providing technology-driven holistic solutions to solve complex business requirements. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the company’s software solutions house provides business software and consultancy committed to delivering highest quality solutions to their clients to meet today’s business challenges. Manmeet Kaur, Founder and Managing Director of Praxis Solutions shares:

“IBM has been at the forefront of innovation all the way from the launch of Mainframe computers back in the 60s to being one of the prominent leaders in the current era of digital revolution. Now, IBM offers a variety of services and products, like hardware, storage, software, and cloud. IBM’s digital transformation is continuing to play a major role in large enterprises, helping push innovation during the digital revolution. The key factors for IBM leading as a provider for enterprise solutions include: Deep industry focus to optimize solutions to the industry needs, Innovative approach to solve traditional process challenges, Global presence and access to desired expertise through large Business Partner community, Immense experience with a large user community.”

8. Projetech Inc.

Projetech: Bringing EAM Solutions As A Service

Projetech is an ISO 27001 certified IBM Business Partner that provides IBM Enterprise Asset Management EAM (Maximo®) via the IBM Cloud. Projetech’s Managed Services cloud offerings include state-of-the-art secured industry and software expertise for an all-inclusive client experience.

Over the years, Projetech has leveraged its partnership with IBM to master the solution design and delivery in a cost-effective manner which has allowed them to focus their organization specifically on selling and delivering “as a Service” IBM solutions. Coupled with industry experts, their clients and resellers quickly realize ROI. Steve Richmond, Founder and CEO of Projetech Inc., shares his views on why businesses should choold IBM platform for their enterprise needs:

“Businesses should choose IBM for the opportunity to work with the world-class company with available resources and experience to support the needs of enterprise level organizations.”

 9. Tangentia Inc.

Tangentia: Leader in Global Boutique IT Consulting and Outsourcing

Tangentia Inc. is a Platinum Business  Partner of IBM and the leader in Global Boutique technology solutions. The IBM solutions provider company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps while creating significant cost efficiencies and competitive advantage across an organization and its supply chain. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Tangentia with associates & ecosystem partners operate across the globe, with a strong presence in 5 continents and 30+ countries, using a ‘think global, act local’ solutions approach. Vijay Thomas, Founder and CEO of Tangentia Inc. shares:

“IBM with its storied 100-year-old history continues to be a company brimming with innovation. Many large Fortune 500 companies were traditionally built on IBM software as their enterprise software building blocks. IBM today has taken its software to the cloud and with the availability of enterprise automation, AI and Blockchain technology embedded within these software, the new IBM is ready and at the forefront to lead the enterprise software marketplace for the foreseeable future. “ 



UDTECHS, constituted in 2010 with a vision to bridge the gap between technology and its appropriate execution, started off with a goal of delivering innovative and customized solutions to the clients. The company is now developing scalable business strategies while providing best in class solutions for Data Center technologies including Network, Securities, Compute, Virtualization technologies, Storages, Backup solutions and Hyper Coverage solutions. Hiren Mehta, Founder and CEO of UDTECHS shares:

“IBM has always been at centerpiece in terms of innovation for solving business problems by its technological excellence. Enterprises choose IBM technologies with trust that IBM has thoroughly understood a business problem as IBM must have been also experiencing the same because of its sheer big size, multiple different businesses it’s into and constant market disruptions. The factors IBM leading enterprise solution provides are its experience from various businesses, market knowledge, innovation capabilities, Go-to market strategies, ethics and code of conduct to name a few.”

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