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WhatsApp vs Telegram: A Breakdown for picking the Best Messaging Platform

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WhatsApp vs Telegram

“Learn the art of the pitch and messaging” . This quote by Tim Ferriss highlights the need for great communication. Organizations that contributed to creating the best messaging applications have changed and impacted lives worldwide. In the ocean of innovative and trending messaging apps, WhatsApp and Telegram stand out because of their special features and adaption to various trends. However, choosing between these two applications is challenging. The WhatsApp vs Telegram debate has been active for a while since they are two of the most popular messaging platforms around. In this blog, we will shed light upon the key factors in this debate that will help you choose the ideal one that fits your prerequisites.

How has WhatsApp impacted the daily lives of people?


Owned by the mastermind behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Thanks to its attractive interface and easy user experience, WhatsApp has been impacting millions of lives with each new feature update. Compelling features such as themes, virtual payments, uninterrupted video calls, stickers, etc., have pursued users’ attention and made it a well-admired instant messaging platform. Moreover, it provides end-to-end encryption facilities to secure important data. 

Without changing its original operational structure, WhatsApp has turned out to be an excellent messaging platform for individuals and businesses. Along with various attractive features, this platform also offers an API sharing facility that is helpful in connecting other APIs and exchanging data. This has helped several food delivery companies. Moreover, WhatsApp has played an important role in ticket booking, event booking, and many more.

Influence of Telegram on Society


Telegram is one of the vastly used messaging applications in the world and it is available for all major platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, MAC, and Linux. This application can also be used on web and chrome apps. Additionally, user can log into as many possible devices as he/she wants at the same time. Telegram is known for its best availability and end-to-end encryption facilities.

A cloud-based instant messaging service like Telegram has been a growing social media influencer and has become unique because of its strict privacy standards and independence from government control. This platform has also helped millions of users in acquiring knowledge, courses, and jobs through various groups, channels, and broadcasts. It is the most downloaded application on Google Play Store with 500 million monthly users.

WhatsApp vs. Telegram: The Biggest Difference?

The Biggest Difference

Whether you are using instant messaging applications for work-related issues or personal and family purposes, ease of use is the most important feature while deciding the winner of the WhatsApp vs Telegram debate. Although both these apps have numerous similarities including promising privacy and might appear similar at first, there are some major differences between these two platforms.

The key difference between WhatsApp and Telegram is that both applications have different views on users’ data privacy policies. WhatsApp has promising end-to-end encryption for all its services while Telegram only provides privacy when a secret chat option is enabled. This allows users to send ‘self-destructing’ messages and photos that disappear after a specific time. Here, telegram might win the WhatsApp vs. Telegram debate as it has a special feature in which its algorithm uses bots for numerous activities such as reminder scheduling, designing a to-do list, etc.

Telegram supports any file type for sharing and has unlimited sharing options as well as cloud storage features. Here, WhatsApp lags in quick sharing and storage matters also. It restricts file sharing up to a certain GB while Telegram has a file limit of 1.5 GB. Moreover, WhatsApp has a group capacity of 256 members while Telegram has a 20,000-member group capacity. 

WhatsApp vs. Telegram: Similarities

In the analysis of WhatsApp vs. Telegram, we can come across many similarities these applications provide. They both have instant messaging features and picture-in-picture modes. They also have multiple sticker options and ‘pinning the important chat’ options. Both messaging apps have cloud synchronization facilities, memory usage manager ability, and in-built image compression and editing techniques.

Moreover, WhatsApp and Telegram have the facility to post status updates and internal media players. Both the platforms have two-step verification technique support as well as audio and video calling support. They also provide live location or location-sharing facilities. Though both applications are very famous and have numerous similarities, when deciding which application is better, we must think about the most crucial factor—Privacy and Security.

Analyzing Privacy: WhatsApp vs. Telegram

Talking about the privacy of WhatsApp and telegram, there are various factors and perspectives involved. Though Telegram has less secure end-to-end encryption, it has good privacy support. It not only allows users to lock chats using PINs, patterns, or fingerprints but also protects personal and official chats from others. Moreover, it can hide the IP address using proxy servers that helps to protect the identity of users from the network and assures their privacy.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has different policies for protecting the privacy rights of its users. WhatsApp has the best end-to-end encryption facility that keeps users’ conversations safe and between them. No one else can read or listen to the content including WhatsApp. Moreover, all the messages are stored on users’ devices and the application does involve any businesses in this. It has facilities such as two-step verification, view once, read receipts, last seen, profile photo privacy, status privacy, and group privacy settings.

Additionally, Telegram has an added feature that restricts strangers from adding any other user’s number to the groups. This feature is not available on WhatsApp, however, it has various tools, features, and resources to make the user informed about frauds as well as safe communication. These sources include blocking users, reporting spam, using WhatsApp responsibly, and limiting the spread of the information.

WhatsApp vs. Telegram: Security

Security is the most vital concern in any application that helps to protect your personal data as well as your identity. Both the applications, WhatsApp and Telegram have distinct ways of securing users’ accounts and convincing security features. Telegram uses a high-standard encryption technique that does not allow other users or hackers to decipher the message. Moreover, business telegram allows secure transactions without having any safety-threatening issues using the best payment bots.

WhatsApp,  On the other hand, ensures the best security and boasts its safety features with “Privacy and Security is in our DNA”. Personal messages, business messages, documents, videos, contacts, etc., all are protected and secured with a lock; there is no need for enabling any secret chat option. Moreover, the newly introduced Payment option has the utmost safe transactions where all the information is encrypted.

Final Thoughts on WhatsApp vs. Telegram: Which is better?

When deciding which application is better, individuals can have different opinions. Both applications have become successful in catching the attention of users with their comprehensive and efficient features as well as enjoyable chatting experiences. Considering various factors such as privacy, security, similarities, or differences, we have tried to thoroughly summarize both these apps in this blog. We hope it helps you find the right solution to the WhatsApp vs Telegram debate.

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