Top 10 Companies Epitomising True Spirit of New York’s Work Culture

top 10 companies to work for in nyc

New York is a great place with limitless opportunities. The city that never sleeps, it is not just a phrase, but the way of life in New York. The enterprises work day and night to achieve the unattainable. This amazing city is also a place for many emerging companies, which are carving their names in corporate corridors. The city is considered as one of the best places to work and enjoy life.

Let’s see how these companies are working and setting themselves apart from the crowd with not just with their unique products and services but also with amazing New York’s work culture.  So here is the list of top 10 companies to work for in NYC.

  1. Estsy

It is a marketplace recognized internationally for its unique and creative goods. The company deals in special and extraordinary items which include handcrafted pieces to antique items. As the world is moving towards digital transformation, Estsy is keeping human connection at the heart of commerce. It thrives on creativity powered by people and helps the group of sellers to implement their ideas into successful ventures.

The employees of the company can be themselves and love what they do. The company allows its people to work independently and bring changes in the lives of the customer with its products and services. The company work on including the people from all courses of life and built a team and workspace that reflect the unique vision of keeping business as humane as possible.

  1. adMarketplace

The company is known for delivering performance traffic to many data-savvy marketers and their agencies. It is a solution-oriented company and uses creativity to handle projects that do not follow textbook procedures. Anyone that works for the company knows that comprehensive success is not possible without conquering the individual goals. It emphasizes on teamwork to achieve results rather than egos and hierarchy. The self-motivated employees deliver the results as they are accountable for their work.  The perks include life and dental insurance, commute facility, discounted gym membership and many more.

  1. Anchor

The company wants to democratize audio. Anchor aims to remove all the logistical barriers that stand and stops a podcaster to live his/her dreams and make podcasting easy and fun. The company is built to solve the pain points surrounding podcasting. It creates smart tools that cut down the grunt work and helps the podcasters to work and create something great.

This passion comes from the people who work there not only for their job but from the work ethics that guide them. The company’s culture is built around collaborative people who work together and go beyond their comfort zone. This creates an environment for the workers to pitch ideas about the projects and increase productivity.

  1. Flexport

Flexport is the combination of technology, infrastructure, and expertise that deliver contemporary freight forwarding experience. This enables enterprises of all kinds to import and export internationally. The company serves around 10,000 clients and suppliers spread across 200 countries availing different kinds of services.

Flexport is the place where everyone has a place to thrive. The employees find creative ways to support the client. The huge infrastructure of the company lies in the reliable hands of competent employees. The chain that joins one department to another is so strong that not a minute detail goes unnoticed. The team of experts helps the company to scale and expand internationally. The company provides the best possible environment where employees are satisfied with their work.

  1. Vimeo

The company came into existence in the year 2004, created by a group of filmmakers to share videos with their friends in an easy way. As most of the things on the internet, it also got viral and now has around 90 million creators across the globe. Apart from this, work life balance is great. The projects are interesting and employees are given great autonomy. Leadership care and make a lot of effort to communicate and improve. A healthy and friendly atmosphere in the company, management listens to workforce wishes and propositions, employees get the feeling that they contribute to the end product.

  1. Flatiron

The company is working towards accelerating the research work towards cancer and improving the care system for the industry. Its products connect the group of oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers, and regulators on one shared technology platform. Working for Flatiron gives a chance to get involved with the people who are engaged in cancer research. Together, they will deliver the better solution that impacts the lives of the people in a positive manner. The values of the company reflect in its work and help it achieve more and create a workplace that is conducive for everyone.

  1. UiPath

The company specializes in Robotic Process Automation, which allows anyone to configure computer software or a robot to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. The company believes that the workplace should be a playground and made concentrated effort to ensure that UiPath is a place where employees feel inspired, engaged and happy. It is a place where people listen to and challenge each other. This helps in the exchange of ideas which ultimately give rise to personal growth.

  1. Itemize

Itemize is a fin-tech data extraction engine that helps smart businesses wanting to change purchase documents which include receipts and invoices into data for their accounting and expense tracking needs. The company applies its latest proprietary technology in AI, machine learning and computer vision to correctly interpret purchase documents. Itemize offers an exciting environment where innovation in technology and data science happens every day. They are a collaborative team where hard work, integrity, and initiative are valued and employees’ voices are heard.

  1. Simondata

It takes big data end-to-end for marketers, as it is the first and only CDP with a fully-integrated marketing cloud and brings big data campaign orchestration. Simon uses all of the client’s data for marketing. Its personalized engine help in building custom cohorts in seconds and can be sent anywhere in a jiffy. The company emphasizes on working hard, yet it also encourages lives outside of work, as long as employees are crushing it at work. It supports flexible hours and works from home days. And for qualified senior engineers, the company offers fully remote working options.

  1. Stash

The company is on a mission to build a financial system that works for everyone and creates opportunities that are viable to them. It is a home away from home for the people who work here as the co-workers are caring, supportive, widely fun and immensely intelligent team. It’s a lifetime career opportunity to be surrounded by such talented people who are working towards improving people’s financial security. This helps employees to take on challenges with tenacity, never shy away from the new or unknown, and push themselves to take risks and achieve a greater good for the clients.