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8 AI startups that will definitely bring change in the future

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AI Start ups

Let’s start with discussing exactly what startups are and why are they call startups?

According to the definition, a startup is a newly established business. It’s a young company that is just beginning to develop. It offers new products or services which are not available in the current market, the unique thing about such companies.

Now, let’s understand, exact why are they called startups and why not small business or new business? It all comes down to the objective of the business. Startups are mostly focused on the top revenue and growth potential.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked futuristic technology. We all have seen many examples of AI around us in our day to day life. It is also known as machine intelligence. AI is used in many fields to achieve maximum results to achieve specific goals.

AI can be further divided into three types such as human-inspired, analytical, and humanized artificial intelligence. Here some of the startups in the AI industry which can make the difference in the upcoming future.

  1. Front App

AI Start ups

– Laurent Perrin, Mathilde Collin, Thibaud Elziere

Founded Date – Oct 1, 2013

Funding – $66 Million

Just started 6 years ago, Front App is reinventing our inbox for seamless work. It provides productive by bring messages from all the channels at a single place.

  1. Highspot

AI Start ups

– David Wortendyke, Robert Wahbe, Oliver Sharp, Scot Gellock

Founded Date – 2012

Funding – $ 35 million

Funding Type – Series D

If you are looking for sale engagement, this company is for you. Highspot helps the client companies to convert its potential buyers to regular customer and achieve their goal. It is done using a powerful research, in-context training, analytics, guided selling and more than 50 technology integrations. Using it, sales team can make most of the opportunities to gain from the data and perform their best. Many big companies like Dropbox, Twitter and Siemens are using Highspot’s advice for their advantage.

  1. Five AI

AI Start ups

Founders –
Ben Peters, John Redford, Simon Walker, Stan Boland, Steve Allpress

Founded Date – 2015

Funding – $ 37.7 Million

Funding Type – Series A

Five AI has collected data about behaviour of road users to inform the development of the technology. 10 months of data was collected the company to understand the complete pattern.  It aims to transform cities across the Europe for more safer automated cars. This special service is for the people who are using their cars for daily commute. Five AI has already started trails in the UK and by 2019, it aims to bring supervised trail cars to the major freeways.

  1. Travis

AI Start ups

Founders –
Lennart Van Der Ziel, Nick NM Yap

Founded – Jan 2, 2017

Funding – $ 157K

Funding Type – Product Crowdfunding

Sometimes language can be a huge barrier. What if you get an app that breaks that barrier for you? Here’s Travis, it is an AI bot that translate over 80 languages. Within the launch of its first 2 years, it sold and shipped over 150,000 units all over the world.

  1. Botsify

AI Start ups

Founders –
April 23, 2016

Founded – Usama Noman

Funding – $30K

Funding Type – Grant

Botisfy is a Karachi, Pakistan based startup that lets anyone create chatbots without any codes. It allows any individual or company to create their own bot in just few clicks. It does everything for you, you don’t even have to install the codes on your web host. It helps you create your own questions and allows you to command the bots according to your needs. Bostify allows you to customise the messages, other commands and also helps you create as many bots you like.

  1. Dandelion

AI Start ups

Founders –
James Quazi, Kathy Hannum

Founded – 2017

Funding – $ 6.5 million

Funding type – Series A

Dandelion is a US based startup company helps all the residents based in US to maintain the temperature of their building during different season. It is done through geothermal pump installation that harness the energy from below the surface of the earth. It also helps the them to produce hot water for their homes during winters. Building in the US are responsible for 39% of carbon emission that is due to heating and cooling of the homes. Millions of people in US uses expensive and truck delivered fuels for keeping them homes warm.

  1. Deep Map

AI Start ups

Founders –
James Wu, Mark Wheeler

Founded – 2016

Funding – $ 92 million

Funding Type – Series B

Deep Map aid self-driven cars by offering them maps at high definition. It helps the car to easily move around the city without worrying about the obstruction. Deep Map is the future of automotive industry companies as it is supported by top companies such as Google Earth, Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Baidu Maps. It is based in Palo Alto, California, U.S.

  1. Hivery

AI Start ups

Franki Chamaki, Jason Hosking

Founders – April 1, 2015

Funding – Unknown

Funding Type – Seed

Hivery is a Sydney based startup company that helps shop owners to predict the future of their business using its Artificial intelligence technology and a group of their own expert data scientists that help to predict the future of the client company. It represents the data in terms of visual representation that help to understand the data and aids them in decision making.

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