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9 Business Leaders Dedicatedly Contributing to Combat COVID-19

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business leaders contributing to COVID 19

The coronavirus outbreak has taken the whole world by a storm. Over the past few weeks, it is expanding its footprint throughout the world rather swiftly. According to a source, as of 1st April, around 8, 61,113 patients have been found positive for coronavirus out of which the death toll is 42,385. Major economies around the globe have been struck hard by this pandemic, the stock market is also undergoing a historical rout. Overall, day by day, the situation is getting trickier. Countries are trying to cope with this scenario by taking several measures such as lockdowns, travel bans, etc.

Have ‘Lockdowns’ really locked the Virus?

The answer is NO. Lockdown may seem easier than some of the preventive measures and perhaps has been the most common preventive measure used around the world. However, apart from some exceptions, the lockdowns have not been able to totally dampen the spread of the disease. Instead, they have resulted in several consequences. Along with the large businesses, the small ones are also getting diversely affected due to this scenario.

Apart from this, those people who depend on their work for their daily food, workers, students who are away from their home for studies, labors have been hit the hardest due to this. Also, lack of medical facilities like masks and ventilators is putting thousands of innocent lives in danger. Governments around the world though, are arranging resources and packages for help, but the government help is not likely to fulfill all the help which is needed. Hence, the big companies around the world and their CEOs are putting out a helping hand and contributing to the relief funds in the best ways possible. Furthermore, they are also helping the healthcare institutes around the world for adequate medical facilities. So, here is how some of the renowned CEOs and companies have helped in this crisis.

The Tycoons coming forward with a Helping Hand

  1. Bill and Melinda Gates (Microsoft)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates’ Foundation, along with MasterCard and the Wellcome Trust, have launched a COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator with $125 seed funding.  Bill and his wife Melinda have pledged to donate $100 million through his foundation to treat what he’s calling a “once-in-a century-pathogen.” The Gates’ pledge will be used to support treatment efforts across the globe, build infrastructure to treat patients in Africa and Southern Asia, and fund the development of a vaccine. He has also sent highly-trained healthcare workers to low and middle income countries in Africa and Southern Asia, establishing an international database about the information on the outbreak, and funding vaccine manufacturing facilities.

  1.  Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan (Facebook)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

One of the most familiar faces in the tech world and the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, along with his wife Priscilla Chan have donated $25 million to Gates Foundation Coronavirus Accelerator. It is a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-backed accelerator developing treatments to fight against the novel coronavirus.

  1.  Jack Ma (Alibaba)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma has pledged to donate 100 million Yuan ($14.5 million) to support the development of the coronavirus vaccine. China’s richest man announced this help on the Chinese platform Weibo. Two Chinese government research organizations will receive $5.8 million of the amount to work on creating a vaccine. His foundation’s post on the Weibo account highlighted that the battle between humanity and the disease is a long journey and the money will help medical research efforts and help disease prevention.

  1. Giorgio Armani (Armani)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

Italian fashion designer and the founder of a famous fashion brand Armani, Giorgio Armani has donated $1.43 million to fight the outbreak in Italy. His contributions will go to two hospitals and a research institute in Milan and another in Rome. As Italy has reported the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus around the world, Armani’s help would prove very vital to fill the wounds of the outbreak.

  1. Ratan Tata (Tata Group)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

The former chairman of the Tata Group and a renowned Indian Industrialist, Ratan Tata has donated Rs. 1500 crore ( $196.6 million) to fight against the coronavirus. Tata Trusts and Tata Group’s companies are very well known for their donations in the past also. This contribution by Mr. Tata will be used for personal protective equipments for the medical personnel on the frontlines, respiratory systems for treating increasing cases, testing kits to increase per capita testing, setting up modular treatment facilities for infected patients and knowledge management and training of health workers and the general public.

  1. Li Ka-Shing (Business Magnate)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

The richest man in Hong Kong, Li Ka Shing has donated HK$100 million ($13 million) to help the medical workers in Wuhan. His foundation is also working to provide medical supplies for healthcare workers in Wuhan and Hong Kong. His donations will be given to Red Cross Society of China, a government-organized non-government organization (GONGO). His donations will be helpful for the healthcare workers in Wuhan and strengthen them to combat coronavirus.

  1.  Elon Musk (Tesla)

 business leaders contributing to COVID 19

Tesla’s Chief Executive and co-founder Elon Musk has recently tweeted that his Palo-Alto based company will deliver desperately needed ventilators to hospitals and medical centers, free of charge. These ventilators are FDA-approved ventilators and will be shipped to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. The device and shipping cost will be free. He mentioned in his tweet that the only requirement is that the vents should be immediately needed for patients and not stored in warehouses.

  1.  Tim Cook (Apple)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook has also recently tweeted about the help for coronavirus crisis. He said that Apple will donate millions of masks for health professionals in the U.S. and Europe. He thanked every one of the personnel on the front lines. The Apple team has been working to help source supplies for healthcare providers fighting COVID-19. This contribution will surely help to encourage the healthcare professionals in the affected regions.

  1.  Jack Dorsey (Twitter)

business leaders contributing to COVID 19

The CEO of Twitter and Square Inc., Jack Dorsey has announced to set aside $1 billion in his  Square equity to support relief efforts for COVID-19 and other causes once the pandemic is over. After the pandemic is over, he said that the money will be used for supporting girls’ health and education and universal basic income. His donation, which he reports is about 28% of his estimated $3.9 billion net worth, is by far the largest yet by an individual.

To conclude, along with the help from governments, this complementary help from these lion-hearted magnates is evidence of the humanity that is still alive. You can also do your part by donating on a monetary basis or helping out people, encouraging them to fight with this global calamity. Together, we all can surely win this battle.

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