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25 Alice Walton Facts Illuminating Her Life and Success

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alice walton facts

Alice Louise Walton is the only daughter of Wal-Mart owner Sam Walton. She is the heiress to the Wal-Mart. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index, she is the second richest woman in the world.

She is popularly known for her role in the development of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Alice is a businesswoman, art patron and philanthropist. She is also considered an avid art collector. In this blog, we would be disclosing some Alice Walton facts describing some of her life events. Before we proceed with our list of Alice Walton facts, let us have a quick glance at the second richest woman in the world.

A Short Intro on Alice Walton

Alice Walton is an American descendant of the fortune of Wal-Mart. Her mother, Helen Robson Walton, was a prominent art advocate and also her father’s business mate. After a time of her birth, they moved to Bentonville, where they opened “Walton’s 5 & 10”, their first store bearing their name.

Alice didn’t go into the family business. She entered the world of finance and economics rather. Shortly after graduating from Trinity, Alice Walton began her career at Wal-Mart as a buyer of children’s clothes. Still, she wasn’t really good at it and thus left the job and joined as an equity critic for First Commerce Group.

She initiated the Llama Company, an investment bank in the time 1988. She was the President, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. In the time 1998, she closed her company LlamaCo, and moved to an estate in Millsap, Texas, named Walton’s Rocking Ranch. In 2015, she listed the ranch for trade and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to concentrate on the Crystal Islands Museum of American Art.

She worked as a broker for E.F.Hutton. Alice started working in an investment bank in 1988 but it soon folded with the decline in the request in the ensuing time. Alice is the Vice-Speaker for Arvest Bank Group.

Following are 25 Alice Walton facts to get a vivid description of her life

  • Since childhood, Alice was veritably important interested in art and bought her first art piece, a reduplication of Picasso’s Blue Raw’, at the age of 10.
Alice Walton Arts
  • She also loved to ride nags, play outside, and paint.
  • Alice had her schooling at Bentonville High School (BHS), where she took an active interest in the Spanish Club, Art Club, and Honour Society. She also acted in two plays.
  • In 1967; she graduated from Bentonville High School and entered Trinity University in Texas. She graduated from there in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance.
  • Alice led the Walton Family Foundation, a non-profit association that started the Crystal Islands Museum of Art in 2005 and opened in 2009 in Bentonville, Arkansas. The gallery was innovated to celebrate American art and to educate.
  • The gallery is unique in design and incorporates the beauty of nature in its design to compliment the near Demitasse Islands’ natural spring. It features precious American artworks, a volume library of art reference material and forms and walking trails.
Alice-Walton Art
  • In the inauguration of the Crystal Islands Museum of American Art, she also bought workshop by American painters Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper. As well as a notable portrayal of George Washington by Charles Wilson Peale.
  • Walton latterly added Norman Rockwell’s” Rosie the Riveter” to the Crystal Islands’      endless collections for$4.9 million, in the time 2009.
  • Alice Walton’s love of American art has been questioned by some disbelievers in the art world. She reportedly bought art vended from the collection of Daniel Fraad and Rita Fraad at Sotheby’s, with a worth of$ 20 million value, in New York, in December 2004.
  • In the time 2005, she bought Asher Brown Durand’s famed oil from the New York public library named Kindred Spirits, in a sealed- shot transaction for a whopping$ 35 million. It was bestowed to the library in 1849 by Julia Bryant, son of minstrel William Cullen Bryant.
  • Other artworks bought by Alice for the gallery include workshops by Winslow Homer, Charles Wilson and Edward Harper.
  • Alice Walton has entered several awards for her humanitarian benefaction to      society. These include the Smithsonian Institution’s Libraries of American Art Medal, the John Cotton Dana Medal for Visionary Leadership in Galleries, and the Leonore and Walter Annenberg Award for Diplomacy through the Trades.
  • She was instated into the Arkansas Aviation Hall of Fame in 2001 and into the International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame in 2018.
  • According to the Forbes list 2022, with an estimated net worth of $65.3 billion, Alice Walton is the alternate richest woman in America and one of the flush women in the world.
  • Most of Alice Walton’s wealth comes from her shares in Wal-Mart. Alice and her brothers enjoy further than a 50 stake in Wal-Mart and admit substantial tips from the company.
  • The Waltons’ fixed income from Wal-Mart accounts for 42% of combined low-income US households.
Walmart Alice Walton
  • Alice’s life that has infuriated numerous accidents numerous is a series of machine accidents for which Alice got off with a bare poke on the wrist. The first crash passed in Acapulco, Mexico in 1983. Alice drove her auto off a notch. Two croakers transferred notes to the authorities explaining that Alice has difficulty with balancing due to an earlier injury that left one leg shorter than the other.
  • In 1989, Alice was speeding in Fayetteville, Arkansas and hit a rambler. A 50-time old cannery worker failed from her injuries. Alice wasn’t cited or charged for the incident.
  • In 1998, Alice totaled her SUV in Springdale, Arkansas when she hit a gas cadence and a phone cell.
  • She was charged with driving while enraptured. Despite a blood alcohol position 6 points over the legal limit and her attorneys arguing she was fatigued, Alice Walton was fined $925.
  • Most lately, in October 2011, Alice was pulled over by police and failed a sobriety test. When police discovered her expired enrolment, Alice told them she had someone who does that for her.
  • Alice Walton is known as a philanthropist and has donated for numerous charitable causes.
  • The Walton Family Foundation substantially, run by Alice adheres to the principle that investment in one’s community was vital. The Foundation supports K-12 education, profitable development in the Mississippi delta and northwest Arkansas regions, and environmental conservation in the area.
  • Alice Walton is best known for her part in the development of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport.  She not only handed$ 15 million as original backing for its construction but as the head of the Llama Company, also helped to complete the design by financing$79.5 million in development bonds.
Crystal Islands Museum
  • Known as an avaricious art collector, she erected Crystal Islands Museum of American Art with the thing of reflecting the public history through art and is presently serving as its speaker. The gallery doesn’t charge any entrance figures

In Samuel Walton’s autobiography ‘Made In America’, Alice is described as “the most like me-a maverick-but even more volatile”. This states her personality of being unpredictable and unstable. Through her life events, it is made very clear how she is a free-spirited, committed art lover and philanthropist. Meanwhile, her series of accidents showcases her volatile behaviour.

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