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Halloween Is Here! Learn to Celebrate It Like A Big Shot

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The air is getting foggier and night is getting darker, lookout there is a strange shadow behind you. Just kidding! The ominous night of Halloween is upon us and people are preparing themselves for trick and treating. The tradition has been carried out for years and it was believed that farmers gather around in the village dressed as a scarecrow and burn bonfire to scare away the evil spirits out of the village that can harm their harvest. Nobody from that era ever thought that their coming generations going to turn it into a festival.

A festival in which little kids get dressed in different costumes and go ask for candies door to door. I absolutely love it when little kids knock at the door and say trick or treat. It is a fun day to spend some time with your little ones. As social media has taken over the masses the day supposed to be for the kids, got more popular among the working-class people. The Halloween parties are getting wilder and extravagant every year. It is the day when grown-up men and women play dress up and party all night long. They can’t do it on any other day of the year unless you are going to comic-con.

Halloween has turned into a marketing monster that churns out billions of dollars for the corporates. It’s a gig that is getting bigger and bigger every year. The success is mainly due to the exposure of social media and the post shared by the rich and famous about their celebration. Let’s see how cooperates and successful people celebrate their Halloween.

Thank You, Stan Lee!

Stan lee Halloween

As a writer, Stan Lee had been a big inspiration for me. His stories entertained us when we were kids. My personal favorite is Spiderman. This year we lost the man who made our life a little bit better with his awesome writing. Due to his writing, we have Marvel cinematic universe.  That has superseded the length and breadth of our imagination and took us to a ride which was amazing in every sense. From the pages of comics to the movie screen, the characters of Stan Lee will keep entertaining us in years to come. The festival of Halloween is also not untouched by the influence of his characters. People of all ages like to dress as the superhero of their liking. So, thank you, Stan Lee, and rest in peace, you will live forever in our hearts.

The visionary, the entrepreneur and the king of social media Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Halloween

Mark Zuckerberg, the man who introduced us to the social networking site Facebook. Nobody ever thought that a geeky kid from school going to design a site that will make him a multi-billionaire. He is rich and famous and lately quite controversial. Despite Facebook’s failure to secure our privacy, we all like him for his vision and philanthropic activities. We also love him for his extravagant Halloween celebration with his lovely wife and adorable daughters. The Zuckerberg family choose a theme and dress themselves according to it. The year in which they were dressed up as the character of the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” was a portrait perfect family.

The billionaires club and Halloween celebration

Bill Gates Halloween

The richer they are the harder they celebrate the festival of Halloween. Bill Gates and his friend Warren Buffett are the perfect examples of how a billionaire should celebrate Halloween, exactly like a king. Last year Halloween Bill gates dressed as King Arthur and his best buddy Warren Buffett as the Merlin. So what if bill gates no longer the richest man alive, he still has more money than all of us and he still can dress up as a king

Pumpkin-head and the wild-wild west


Halloween is taken to another level by Hollywood celebrities. They take the part of disguising very seriously backed by the makeup artist of the movie world. They not only dress as their favorite characters but try to look like them. This trend is followed by all the big actors, covered by media houses and consumed by the people like us who love gossip. Let’s face it we absolutely love it, the spice and the controversy that lit up the night of Halloween. Controversy reminds me of merch with the mouth, Rayan Reynolds. The guy cannot remain out of the limelight like he is addicted to it, and we are addicted to his wit. He just makes it better than everyone else with his funny setups.

The tradition of Halloween at the Oval office

Barack Obama Halloween

It’s been a long tradition to celebrate Halloween at the Whitehouse. Every year the President of the United States of America celebrates the festival with the kids from all over the states who are invited to the party organized by the white house. The kids collect candy from the President and the first lady and enjoy the shooting evening with them. The Halloween celebration of President Obama got quite a media attention every year and now Donald Trump is President and him his carrying on the beautiful tradition.

Halloween in pop culture


Halloween has a strong presence in every pop culture through time. The TV, radio, simpsons characters, and movies are filled with programs that highlight the festival. Every year the hit TV show Simpsons runs a special episode named “Tree House of Horror” on the day of Halloween. There are several movies based upon Halloween and radio host keeps reminding us about the spooky stories all day long.

The spooky night parties at the office


The night of Halloween is the most anticipated holiday for the employees of the big enterprises after Christmas. One day of the year when they can dress as freaks and goof off with their co-workers. The trick part of the Halloween comes alive in these big corporates parties. The workers like to prank their colleagues and enjoy the night dancing and singing. One night when everyone can be somebody else and don’t have to be worried about the judgment of the people. Just enjoy the night as long as it exists.

It is much better with the family

Family Halloween

The origin of Halloween suggests that it was done to bring the family and the community together to fight off the evil. Well, there are lots of evil in society and in all of us. With the love of our family and friends, we will overcome these hurdles and achieve happiness in our lives. Happy Halloween everybody!