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PS5 Arriving Soon! Let’s look at the PlayStation History Timeline

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PlayStation History

Sony Computer Entertainment is revolutionary in the gaming industry. Why do you ask? It gave us the PlayStation. Introduced to the community in 1994 the game still helms the popularity of the peers. For more than 25 years the PlayStation has had an interesting journey in the game market and gamers. 

PlayStation a video game plateau unveiled in 1994 by Sony Computer Entertainment is ruling the gaming world even today. Over 25 years PlayStation has had a long-lasting impact on the game market and gamers. PlayStation is a legacy that has to build up very firm over the years.  

Sony’s long-awaited gaming console, the next-gen PlayStation 5 or PS5 is estimated to hit the market soon. The PlayStation fan-base has been hyped up for the launch for a long time now. For the gamers who are solely waiting for the launch should be glad to know that the PS5 has a variety of exhilarating features and upgrades!

All the PS admirers are anticipated to welcome the new member. Before that, readers may sit back and move back in time when the world witnessed 5 stages of the PlayStation history timeline.


PlayStation was first launched in Japan which revolutionized the way people play video games. The exciting improvements that the console introduced are real-time 3-D graphics, speedy processor along with captivating games, and spotlighted the CD format. The most popular games which surfed on PlayStation were Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider 2, and Silent Hill—interestingly which are still the talk of the town even today. The games have transformed into big hit franchises. Sony overlapped Nintendo and Sega—to rule the gaming industry. 

Did you know?
PlayStation became the first unorthodox video game to sell over 100 million units worldwide! 

Immediately after the huge success, the PlayStation History timeline decided to create a legacy in the future and they decided to originate 5 more PlayStations.

  1. PlayStation 1:

PlayStation History Timeline

PlayStation was made official in the year 2000, which was less costly than PlayStation. The add-on device had a rounder appearance and a spacious 5- inch LCD screen making the console a portable gaming device. PS One sold 28 million units victoriously.

  1. PlayStation 2:

PlayStation History Timeline

PS2 was exposed to view in the same year following PS1, pricing $299.PS2 gulped the contenders’ right after the launch. The magnificent specifications of PS2 included a one core processor (294.9 MHz), 32 MB system RAM, and 4 MB video RAM.
PS2 had an inbuilt DVD player and USB ports. A huge amount of 10,000 games were released through PS2 namely—Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy X, God of War, etc. Sony succeeded to sell 150 million units of the heroic PS 2. People prefer PS2 even today in their first mentions.

  1. PlayStation 3:

PlayStation History Timeline

After building an enormous realm, PlayStation revealed PS3 in 2006. It was the most splendid gaming version of PlayStation during that time. PS3 was the prime retailing console to include a Blu-ray drive. It gave an open platform to the PlayStation network, allowing users to access the internet and download games. Few may be unaware of the fact that PlayStation 3 is the genesis of the most soaring applications like Netflix and YouTube. Not to conceal, PS3 also introduced Sony’s PlayStation plus Subscription.

A big shock for the gamers!
PS3 failed to impress the gamers due to the heavy price rate and PS3’s cell processor gave the developers nightmares!

However, the issue was resolved after PS3 Slim entered for the rescue. Amazingly, PS3 sold a unit of over 88 million worldwide. PS3 is known for hit exclusives, franchises, God of War, Little Big Planet, and even more.

  1. PlayStation 4:

PlayStation History Timeline

PS solidified its position by unmasking PS4 in 2013 at a lower rate of $399. After the error effect of PS3 in 2006, PS4 made the gaming device more economic which was undeniably a good decision. It granted exclusive and engaging games to the players and the 4th version of PS sold over 110 million units globally. Leveling up, Sony released 3 new divisions of PS4 – the original model PS4, a slim alternative, and an enhanced “PS4 Pro”.

PS4 is remembered for grand games like The Last of Us Part 2, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and many more. As we reach the climax of the article, let’s know something about the successor of the PS4. Sony is going to release the most anticipated PS5 very soon.

  1. PlayStation 5:

PlayStation History Timeline

The awaited console PS5 will plunge on November 12, 2020, with two inquisitive versions pricing $499 and $399 for the standard console and the digital edition respectively. 

It is aesthetically pleasing!

PS5 stands tall with curvy edged and modernistic blue-glow accents. The PS5 is designed differently with a black and white glow and can be placed vertically or horizontally beneath a T.V. This feature will stun the players.

What specifications does the PS5 have?

  1. 8 core AMD Zen 2 CPU
  2. AMD RDNA 2 – based GPU
  3. Fast and improved SSD
  4. 4K, 8K Graphics
  5. 120 Hz refresh rate
  6. 3D audio
  7. DualSense controller 

Sony has vowed to launch a set of new accessories in addition to the PS5. A media remote, a charging dock, and a Pulse 3D wireless headset will accompany the PS5. The latest rows of games include Spider-Man Miles, Morales, Horizon, and Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil village, Assasin’s Creed Valhalla, and more. The storage size of the game is larger than usual because of the Digital Edition. Additionally, the gamers will have to add Microsoft’s expansion card if they want to elevate the memory of Series X, whereas the smaller series S has a 512 GB storage area.

The most awaited PS5 launches on…

Both the consoles will be launched worldwide in the U.S, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand on November 12, 2020. Another interesting fact about the PS5 Digital Edition is that the model will not be using a disc to enhance the graphic performance. It will launch in the rest of the countries on November 19, including India. Lastly, the gamers worldwide owe PlayStation’s history timeline to grow and leave the gamers under a spell at each gaming experience.  

Did you know?
The to-be-launched PS5 model supports backward compatibility! 

Lesser known facts about PlayStation:

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