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Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Watch in 2024

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Are you looking for the best sustainable fashion brands that are leading the Eco-Style Revolution?

You know how we all love fashion and clothes? Well, the money we all spend on it adds up to a huge amount, like $142.06 billion! But here’s the not-so-cool part – about 7 to 10 out of every 100 trash bags in the world are filled with waste from making these clothes. That’s a lot, right?

Gone are the days of mindless consumption and waste in the fashion industry. Now, you have the choice to select brands that prioritize sustainability, ethical practices, and eco-friendly materials.

In this blog, we have curated a list of our top 10 sustainable fashion brands that are not only stylish but also kind to our planet. So, we need to think about how we can enjoy fashion in a way that’s better for our planet.

Did you Know?

  • The fashion industry is not just about glitz and glamour; it’s the world’s second-largest polluter, right behind the oil industry.
  • Your trendy outfits come with a hidden cost: fast fashion is responsible for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Each year, the fashion world produces 97 million tons of waste, which includes textiles, chemicals, and packaging materials.
  • The apparel and footwear sectors are responsible for 8.1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The fashion industry is thirsty, accounting for 20% of the world’s total wastewater.
  • If we start using more sustainable fibers, we could cut down CO2 emissions by 20%

Imagine you have a piggy bank with $7.80 in it. Now, every year, you add 20% more money to it. So, if you had $1, next year, you would add 20 cents to it, making it $1.20. If you keep doing this from the year 2023 to 2030, your piggy bank will have about $27.95 in it. This is similar to how the market for sustainable fashion is expected to grow, USD 27.95 billion!


PANGAIA Sustainable Fashion Brands
  • Owner: Miroslava Duma
  • Place of origin: United Kingdom
  • Founded in: 2018

PANGAIA is one the best sustainable fashion brands in the world. It is a materials science brand on a mission to save our environment. It should be noted that they design products for living in, for any situation, and basic needs.

In addition, the company uses special tech to make their products better for the planet, and they try to use stuff that can be recycled. They sell all sorts of things, from sports clothes and hoodies to baby clothes and t-shirts.

Besides, PANGAIA uses stuff that comes from plants, like a special kind of denim made from hemp. They also make a fluffy material from flowers instead of feathers to keep you warm and cozy, and it’s better for animals.

Apart from this, PANGAIA’s latest initiative, ‘Bee The Change,’ focuses on bees. These vital pollinators face challenges due to ecological shifts. At a big meeting about climate change called COP28, the company launched the Trillion Bees initiative, aiming to secure $1 billion for projects that safeguard bee populations. By doing so, they contribute to the health of our ecosystems and food sources.

2. Patagonia

  • Owner: Yvon Chouinard
  • Place of origin: Ventura, California, USA
  • Founded in: 1973

Patagonia is one of the most popular sustainable fashion brands known for its sustainable movement. The company makes outdoor clothing and gear for activities like climbing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing, and trail running.

As part of the 1% for the Planet initiative, Patagonia’s generosity has led to a massive $140 million in donations to grassroots environmental groups worldwide.

Interestingly, Patagonia weaves its magic with sustainable and recycled materials, including biobased polyester, recycled cotton, and even hemp. This is where fashion meets eco-consciousness.

Apart from this, Patagonia’s Action Works platform connects people with environmental action groups in their communities. It helps you find events, sign petitions, and volunteer for causes you care about. It’s a way for anyone to get involved with environmental issues and make a difference.

3. Vuori

Vuori Sustainable Fashion Brands
  • Owner: Joe Kudla
  • Place of origin: Encinitas, California, USA
  • Founded in: 2015

Vuori is a renowned activewear brand based in California that stands out despite its small size. It proudly boasts of being 100% climate neutral, compensating for all its carbon emissions.

With Vuori, you get the assurance of a brand that is actively fighting against plastic pollution. Known as Plastic Warriors, they have partnered with CleanHub to address this issue head-on. By switching to recycled materials for garment bags, Vuori is on a mission to reduce plastic use in its supply chain by 80%.

Other initiatives by Vuori include clear sustainability goals, such as a 42% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030. Scope 1 refers to direct emissions, while Scope 2 pertains to indirect emissions like energy use.

Moreover, Vuori combats deforestation in Borneo and supports emission-reduction initiatives in the US. These programs, backed by partnerships with Pachama and 3Degrees, aid in offsetting carbon emissions.

4. Finisterre

  • Owner: Tom Kay
  • Place of origin: St Agnes, Cornwall, UK
  • Founded in: 2003

Finisterre is a leading clothing and wetsuit brand, inspired by British surfers and designed for those who share a love for the ocean.

This Cornwall-based brand proudly flaunts its B Corp certification, signifying that it’s not just about fashion; it’s about ocean awareness.

With Finisterre, you get products made from ocean plastic, transformed into fabrics like econyl—a recycled nylon. It’s worth noting that each tonne of econyl produced helps save a staggering 5.7 tonnes of CO2.

Besides that, Finisterre dives into action with its ocean programs, funding swimming lessons for children with disabilities and modifying wetsuits for better water access. By championing the sea, Finisterre nurtures the next generation of ocean conservationists.

5. Passenger

Passenger Sustainable Fashion Brands
  1. Owner: Richard and Alexa Sutcliffe
  2. Place of origin: The New Forest, Southern England, UK
  3. Founded in: 2012

Passenger is one of the most popular sustainable fashion brands and a part of the sustainable movement. Their ethos is “We put sustainability & adventure at the heart of every product.” This UK-based fashion company proudly displays its eco-badge and its forest initiatives are commendable.

Similarly, Passenger’s fashion also nurtures our green planet – one tree at a time. For every purchase, they plant a tree, restore forests, and support tree protectors worldwide. 

Moreover, Passenger’s tree-planting initiative has resulted in over half a million trees being planted. They’ve also secured protection for an impressive 28,724,186 sqm of rainforest.

When it comes to its Global Allies, Passenger collaborates with global forest champions like the Rainforest Trust, Trees For The Future, and One Tree Planted.

6. Stella McCartney

  • Owner: Stella Nina McCartney
  • Place of origin: London, England
  • Founded in: 2001

Stella McCartney is a globally recognized fashion brand known for its sustainable initiatives. The garments from Stella McCartney defy tradition. 

They are crafted from grape-based alternatives to leather, which means 80% recycled raw waste. Moreover, their animal-free leather has an environmental impact 24 times lower than traditional leather.

Not just stylish, their handbags are eco-warriors too. Since 2012, they’ve been lined with material made from recycled plastic bottles. Stella 

Stella McCartney’s fashion isn’t just high-end; it’s high-impact as well, leaving a trail of conscious couture. By closely tracking material lifecycles, they ensure supply chain sustainability.

7. Story mfg.

Story mfg
  • Owner: Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi
  • Place of origin: London, England
  • Founded in: 2013

Story mfg. is another one of the most popular sustainable fashion brands with a big heart for the planet. It’s the perfect choice for people who care about the environment and want to make a difference with what they wear.

This brand stands out because it takes leftover fabric and turns it into beautiful clothes, cutting down on waste. It’s their way of showing love for our Earth and pushing for a world where fashion doesn’t hurt the planet.

Besides that, Story mfg leads the way in farming which helps the land heal itself. They stay away from nasty chemicals and help the soil get strong and healthy. In addition, the colors in their clothes come from nature itself, like a forest that’s been brought back to life. These natural dyes are kind to the Earth and leave it better than before.

Moreover, Story mfg. knows that building a better world takes time. They’re committed to doing it step by step, making sure every piece of clothing they make is part of a bigger picture of caring for our world.

8. Greater Goods

  • Owner: Jaimus Tailor
  • Place of origin: London, England
  • Founded in: 2018

Greater Goods is all about creative flair. They take “nothing” and turn it into “something” special.

Think of a brand from London that’s all about giving old clothes a new lease on life. They’re not just upcycling; they’re creating fresh, cool looks for the street.

Here’s a fact that might surprise you: every second, a truck full of clothes ends up being thrown away. Greater Goods is fighting against this waste. They pick up these old clothes and turn them into something you’d love to wear. Additionally, they work with big brands like Nike to add even more color to their creations.

Other than that, Greater Goods makes a statement: fashion can be sustainable, and that’s the real trend to follow.

9. Camper

Camper Sustainable Fashion Brands
  • Owner: Lorenzo Fluxa
  • Place of origin: Mallorca, Spain
  • Founded in: 1975

Camper is one of the oldest sustainable fashion brands known for its trendy shoes.

Their slogan, “a little better, never perfect,” shows they’re always trying to improve and be kinder to the Earth. In addition, the Camper team is on the lookout for materials that don’t harm the environment, like recycled leather and other sustainable options. By the year 2030, they want all their materials to be eco-friendly.

Apart from that, Camper keeps an eye on where their materials come from and how their products get to you. Camper’s move to use natural and long-lasting materials means they’re not just making shoes; they’re helping leave a lighter mark on the Earth.

10. Arvor Life

  • Owner: Charlotte Foxhall
  • Place of origin: Cornwall, England
  • Founded in: Not specified

Arvor Life is a clothing brand born on the Cornish coast, and it’s all about loving our planet. It’s not just a brand; it’s a way of life that’s good for nature.

Their clothes are inspired by the great outdoors, perfect for anyone who loves to swim in the wild, go on adventures, or just enjoy being outside. What’s their secret? They use materials that are free from plastic and are 100% vegan. 

Other than this, every piece of Arvor Life’s clothing has its own story, made from recycled or organic fabrics, contributing to no waste at all, and even the packaging can be recycled.

But there’s more. Wearing Arvor Life’s clothes feels good, not just because they’re eco-friendly, but because they’re soft and comfy too. So when you wear their organic cotton sweatshirt or their vest for everyone, you’re not just looking good, you’re also helping to get rid of plastic from the ocean, bit by bit.

We hope this blog helped you learn about the top sustainable fashion brands. Remember, when you choose brands that care about the planet, you’re not just buying clothes—you’re making a statement and helping build a cleaner, fairer world. So why wait? Refresh your closet with outfits that are as good-looking as they are good for the Earth.

Simran Khan