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Top 12 Innovative Companies Who Dare To Think Different

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Innovative Companies

What innovation is and how it directly related to the business? We come across these types of questions every now and then. The definition of innovation differs from business to business and company to company. But these innovations help the company to grow further. Innovation is born when there is a problem. The problem gives birth to innovation.

Steve Jobs is known as one of the most popular innovators. His thoughts and ability to think different made Apple a Global brand. Apple is popularly known as one of the most innovative companies. It comes under the top 15 companies for holding patents. In the initial days, it faced a lot of criticism for the unique design of the first-ever mac. But today it is considered as one of the best machines out in the market. Similarly, we have 12 different stories of innovative companies who dare to think different.

In Mirror Review’s latest magazine issue of “The 20 Innovative Companies to Watch Out for, 2019, we have captured the problems and innovative solutions that these companies offer.

  1. Andy Khawaja – Allied Wallet

With the advancement in technology, the methods of payment are also changed. Digital payment via credit card, online banking, online payment, etc. is more common now. Generally, customers prefer businesses that offer multiple payment methods. This helps businesses to widen their reach and increase sales. Furthermore, a safe mode of payment with secure transaction process attracts customers on a large scale. Providing a secure mode of payment is not at all a piece of cake. But with innovative thinking and ability to break the barriers, Andy Khawaja and his team build a secure mode of transaction.

Andy Khawaja realized that there was a need for more secure ways to process international transactions. No one else was doing this and it left open a lot of room for fraud, which can ruin a business. Therefore, Allied Wallet is bridging the gap of insecurity and rigidity in the online payment systems.

  1. Timothy Loginov, Co-founder – AnyChart

No doubt, data is growing day by day and businesses are trying out different methods to represent its data. The problem is presenting data with no figures is boring and at the same time difficult to understand. Representation of data in the form of graphs, charts make understanding of data easy. This is where AnyChart comes into the picture.

AnyChart developed advanced, comprehensive interactive data visualization software that can be used to create great-looking charts based on any data in any environment, across a multitude of platforms and devices. It solves most of the problem as data is represented as they wanted which is more interactive than before.

  1. Nishant Singhvi and Ashish Biyani, co-founders – DeskMoz

Now everything is online, every business has its website and online chat support to solve customers’ query then and there. Many websites do have 24×7 chat supports especially on the education website. But replacing human is not that easy, these chatbots may or may not solve the problem. Due to a drastic increase in the number of internet user providing them personalized help is next to impossible. DeskMoz helps to solve this problem by providing them, 24×7 chat agents.

According to the Co-founders of DeskMozNishant Singhvi and Ashish Biyani, intelligentsia must be innovated towards fostering the capacity of human live chat agents rather than trying to replace them with ineffective solutions such as chatbots. Therefore, the Co-founding duo of DeskMoz utilizes their human workforce to offer 24×7 live chat agent support service to customers & prospects of over 200 renowned global brands.

  1. Chief Operations Officer, Sunder Pillai – Enterprise Solutions

The company acknowledges the shortage of workforce in the US. Hence, Enterprise Solutions tries to find the right candidates with the help of innovative ways to extract the right talent from the market. The clients, as well as candidates’ requirements,  have changed dramatically. Enterprise Solutions fulfills those unmet needs of the clients by partnering with them.

  1. Stein Revelsby, Founder and CEO of Hoylu

Is your company located in various locations? And you want to connect with them and have a productive meeting as well? Software or the applications available in the market are not enough to suffice the need of the business. Traveling every now and then for meetings can cause you a lot of money directly affecting the business’s productive. Yes, you can save all that by using Hoylu.

Bringing the idea of seamless collaboration into reality, Stein and his team are combining Hoylu software solutions for work collaboration combined with display and input technologies, such as flat panels, interactive walls, virtual and augmented glasses, among others. With Hoylu solutions, team members can access the same information from anywhere at any time on any device, which is extremely critical for companies with widely distributed teams.

  1. Harpreet Sachdeva, Founder and CEO, IgnisTec

At one time, there was no social network but now you can find a lot of social media options. But the problem with these social media website is that no one is using them to socially connect with each other rather than that it has become a place of marketing. Many companies use these platforms to complete their personal agenda. The innovative idea with the pure intention of connecting people was needed. IgnisTec came at the right time with the right intention.

Drinkmates is India’s 1st Social Network with real-world touchpoints. The platform offers One ID to earn real-world incentives from daily activities like meeting friends, going out for food, drinks, clubs, deals, memberships, & much more. As users post daily, they will receive stars in responses from the friends and network with each response carrying incentive credits.

  1. David S. Franklin, CEO – KnowRX

Healthcare is one of the sensitive issues around and there are thousands of health care apps available during the same time. Still, something was missing, that provides patients a proper guide to help them towards their wellbeing. Complete care from the day of prescribed by the physicians to the day it is ultimately taken. What if I tell you, you can complete information on your mobile phone? KnowRx provides you everything in just one app.

KnowRX developed an accessible drug management mobile application, which is designed to promote wellbeing through physician engagement with guided nutritional and holistic insights.

  1. Ana Maiques, CEO – Neuroelectrics

With the increase in the percentage of neurodegenerative disease across the world, scientists and researchers are still trying to figure out exact and more accurate way of figuring out treatment. Central nervous system disorder epilepsy and Alzheimer are diseases included in neurodegenerative diseases.

With the purpose of monitoring and enhancing brain health, Neuroelectrics is designing and developing novel cloud-connected medical devices. These devices have a modular design and broad suite of complementary software (from real-time 3D brain activity maps to thought-controlled games), which makes it a comprehensive product and help individuals monitor the brain activities.

  1. Jeff Gerardi, President and CEO – ProEst

With a growing population, the demand for housing is also increasing. The construction industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The new construction estimates are assisting in providing clients with a detailed description of expenses that are required to be done to complete the project. It further helps the contractor to compete with other bidders and accurately shows the true cost of a project. One of the most distinctive estimating software in the marketplace today, which covers the full suite of the estimating process in one integrated product, is developed by ProEst.

  1. Chandra Shekhar Pandey, Founder and CEO, Seceon

Instead of delivering the same traditional security products available in the industry, the expert team of Seceon aims to focus on “Cybersecurity Done RIGHT” approach and develops award-winning solutions on its Open Threat Management (OTM) Platform. The company’s security platform overcomes the flaws of the traditional security solutions to proactively detect breaches and threats via comprehensive visibility of all assets that include users, applications, services, hosts and their interactions.

  1. Rob Leslie, Founder and CEO – Sedicii

Today, digital identities are stolen in the name of privacy and authentication. Nowadays, every third party app asks for permission to access contacts, personal email ID and other important information. Identifying these serious pitfalls in user’s digital privacy, Rob Leslie, a serial entrepreneur founded Sedicii, an identity platform that provides authentication and identity verification services where personal information is never exchanged without the explicit consent of the data owner.

  1. Sam Watson Jones, Co-founder – Small Robot Company

Farming is one of the oldest forms of the industry but always been neglected. With upcoming technologies coming in all the industries, the same can be applied to farming as well. As of now, many farmers are still using traditional methods for farming. To solve this major problem Sam Watson Jones has made some efforts to overcome this major problem.

Small Robot Company believes in a simple idea of using “small robots not big tractors”. These farming robots can improve crop yield and reduce farming’s impact on the environment. The company leverages robotics and AI to redefine farming and makes it more efficient, productive, and sustainable. In doing so, the agri-tech company has built robots that are smaller, lighter, and more agile than tractors. These robots will seed and care for each individual plant as well as feed and spray only when the plants need it. In this way, the plants receive the perfect levels of nutrients and support and there is no wastage of resources. In addition, they can also identify weeds, and kill them individually.

We hope these 12 innovative companies inspire you to think out of the box. And to read such a blog, you can subscribe to our best business magazine and with some latest news updates, articles, and creative quotes visit our website.

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