Top Podcasts You Must Listen in 2020

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The last few years have been the years of digital revolution. The number of people using smartphones is increasing day in and day out. However, the use of desktops is decreasing because of extensive mobile use and this is leading towards newer business and marketing strategies. One of the strategies includes an episodic series of digital audio files that a user can download to listen, known as podcasts. They are also known as the magical replacement of the traditional radio. Recently, the popularity of podcasts has flourished. Right from science fiction to stand-up comedy to love stories, podcasts have it all covered. According to source, about 32% of the US population listen to podcasts at least every month and 22% of the US population listens to podcast every week, which shows people’s increased interest in podcasting. We are sure you have also listened to podcasts; but here, we enlist before you different must-listen podcasts of different segments and top five podcasts in each genres that you must listen in 2020.

Trending Business Podcasts

Trending Business Podcasts

For all the aspiring businessmen, here are some of the best and trending business podcasts that you must listen:

  1. Business Wars Podcast

After all, business is all about competition. Business wars podcast tells you the unauthorized, real stories behind the companies, leaders, inventors, investors, and executives achieving new heights.

  1. Entrepreneurs on Fire

It is an award-winning podcast where the host interviews inspiring entrepreneurs to help you become one. The podcast has taken interviews of over 2000 remarkable entrepreneurs such as Barbara Corcoran, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and many more.

  1. Mind Your Business Podcast

Almost all entrepreneurs always want to know the secret to success. A seven-figure online entrepreneur James Wedmore believes success is created by attitude over action, mindset over strategy, and magic over metrics. James unravels the common misconception that ‘hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful’ in the podcast.

  1. The Goal Digger Podcast

It is a live workshop-style business podcast that is helping thousands to chase bolder dreams and is redefining success. In this podcast, you can learn from the experts how to dig in, tackle your biggest goals, and do the work.

  1. Masters in Business Podcast

It is the most popular podcast on the Bloomberg Radio Network. This podcast dives deep into the minds of most successful, savvy and influential people in the business world and explores how they became the professionals they are today.

 small business podcast

Small Business Podcasts

The following are some of the podcasts which are very essential from a small business point of view. Listening to them will expand your vision and encourage you to become a successful entrepreneur.

  1. The Introvert Entrepreneur

For introverts who want to be successful business owners, The Introvert Entrepreneur is the podcast to listen. This podcast looks towards life and business from the introverts’ point of view. It also provides finance, marketing, and other small business related tips.

  1. Eventual Millionaire

Business coach Jaime Masters interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to get familiar with their biggest failures and successes in this podcast. Over 350 interviews have been conducted in this podcast.

  1. The $100 MBA Show

Rather than long interviews, this podcast focuses on actionable small business tips. Along with interviewing the guests, the host Omar also shares his own experiences in business. This podcast helps in giving actionable and useful tips for aspiring businessmen.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing publishes a podcast every week with a well-known industry expert for discussing small business topics. The host John Jantsch often shares trends and advice for enterprises and small business audiences.

  1. Real Money Talks

Loral Langemeier aims to educate and empower entrepreneurs and all others on how to have important money talks. She wants her listeners to create a path towards financial freedom through this podcast.

digital marketing podcast

Digital Marketing Podcasts

Digital marketing has revolutionized the concept of marketing. To get familiar with digital marketing and various insights of the same, you must listen to these podcasts.

  1. Seeking Wisdom

This podcast is hosted by Drift’s David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt. Both discuss various topics such as books that have changed their professional and personal outlook, leadership principles and meet the best people across marketing, product, growth, sales to inspire and encourage you.

  1. Everyone Hates Marketers

If you are sick about in-your-face marketing, this podcast is made for you. The marketers who are fearless and say things as they are,  get interviewed by the host Louis Grenier. You can learn how to get more customers, more leads, more visitors by listening to this podcast.

  1. The Marketing Companion

This is one of the most entertaining podcasts you would ever come across. This podcast brings you marketing insights, celebrity guest appearances along with laugh-out-loud comedy. The two hosts Mark Schaefer and Brook Sellas deliver some interesting and creative commentary on digital business.  This podcast is always fun to listen.

  1. Problogger Podcast

If you want to write more effective blogs and make money online, you must listen to this podcast. This podcast is designed to enrich your blogging skills with a mix of teaching, case studies and different challenges.

  1. Online Marketing Made Easy

Each episode of this podcast helps you take immediate action on the most important strategies. Many online business owners listen to this podcast to make sense of online marketing space and generate more profits.

top sports podcast

Top Sports Podcasts

Sports is an indispensable aspect of a healthy life. Listening to these podcasts will keep you updated with what’s happening in the world of sports and also motivate you to get on the field,

  1. The Steve Austin Show

Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, action movie and TV star Steve Austin hosts the show.  Steve shares his life experiences, talks about his past adventures and talks with his wrestler colleagues.

  1. Move the Sticks

This podcast is hosted by two former NFL scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks who deliver the latest news and action around the league from a scout’s perspective.

  1. The Lowe Post

The Lowe Post is hosted by Zach Lowe of ESPN. In this podcast, Zach interviews various Basketball people and asks them about different basketball things.

  1. Football Weekly

This podcast comes twice in a week and a squad of hosts brings you a dose of puns and punditry. It also gives the news and analysis from the Premier League and beyond.

  1. Baseball Tonight

This is a baseball centered podcast hosted by ESPN MLB insider Buster Olney. In this podcast, the host leads the baseball discussion along with other top analysts.

In my opinion, podcasting is arguably one of the finest marketing trends today. The podcasting strategies are being used in almost all important sectors. However, apart from podcast marketing, it is benefiting the listeners big time. Experts’ opinions, views on different things, their success stories are turning out to be an inspiration for one and all. Listening podcasts on a regular basis would not only widen your knowledge limits but also give you a different and much-sorted perspective of looking at different things.