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Warning!! Stop typing please don’t Google this things (Number 10 you should never Google)

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If we face any difficulty in understanding anything or we are inquisitive about anything, then immediately type that word in Google and start searching about it. But have you ever thought it is fine to search anything on Google. We do lot of search in Google and we don’t think much before typing. Google the search engine platform do have some constraints.

The first thing that you should never Google is symptoms. Let’s discuss more on this. Reason why it recommended to not to search.

  1. Body symptoms

Things you should never Google

The most important thing is the health issue. If we see any changes in your body, we start searching about it. There are several websites that specialize in such materials, the majority of which are not run by medical practitioners. This is the reason it is advised not to Google. Searching the meaning of your symptoms on the internet would not benefit you. It can, on the contrary, make you feel weaker and more panicked. If you have any kind of health issues, don’t just Google it. 

  1. Illegal 

Things you should never Google

This can make you suffer a lot. You should never ever Google it. Just because you want to have knowledge. You could look up “how to make a grenade” or “how to make amphetamines” out of curiosity. Bear in mind, though, that surveillance and drug enforcement systems still monitor these forms of searches, and your IP address may end up in a database. 

Our Advice: Do not search this illegal matter.

  1. Worms

Things you should never Google

If you’re searching for the best worms for your garden, you’ll need to be really specific about your Google quest, or you’ll get some scary, crawly, and downright upsetting photos and details. Instead of using Google, look at our knowledge on attracting beneficial worms to your garden. 

Our Advice: Take advice from expert.

  1. Cancer: A life taking disease

Things you should never Google

Cancer is sometimes not curable. In this scenario, the least you know, the better you sleep. There are various varieties of this disorder, and the majority of them appear with symptoms that are normal with many other harmless conditions. Many people feel dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and other effects, so you’ll actually misinterpret everything worse for cancer and panic. Don’t become a doctor by searching.

Our Advice: Don’t mislead your thoughts by searching.

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  1. Product information

Things you should never Google

Rise in the awareness level of the consumer. We search a lot about every product. There are a lot of views on the Internet, including people pretending to be authorities on everything. However, there are different views about every product. If you will search whether any product or substance is good for your skin, safe to drink, and so on, and you get a “yes” from some forums and a “no” from others, you may be inclined to lean toward the affirmative. Don’t start using by just searching on Google. Take assistance from the right person. Don’t Google this thing.

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Our Advice: Same product cannot be suitable for you. 

  1. Bedbug’s infestations

Things you should never Google

You’ve probably heard about these little creatures, especially in hotel reviews. And maybe any of you have had your skin damaged by them. But have you ever considered what a bedbug infestation looks like? You need not look it up if you intend to sleep at night. Please do not Google it.

Our Advice: Don’t Google this. Just maintain the hygiene in your bed.

  1. Skin conditions

Things you should never Google

There are different type’s skin infections, and the majority of them are unsightly.  You can find the images of almost all of them online. Which can be cured but sometimes demotivates you because of the way it looks. We start hating us and stop going in public.  However, in this situation, it is much wiser to remain unaware because this type of material can be incredibly troubling. Please stop searching about this on Google.

Our Advice: Don’t panic by looking after the pictures.

  1. Smoking

Things you should never Google

We all know that smoking is dangerous for health. But still many people smoke, although we sometimes consider the damage that smoking brings, especially to our lungs. The internet is riddled with photos of heavy smokers’ abnormal lungs, which you may take too seriously and freak out about. You should, of course, Google this if you need a good motivator to leave, but it’s best not to smoke.

Our Advice: Don’t see the pictures. Quit smoking. It is not good for health

  1. Harmful animals

Things you should never Google

I remember that from childhood I am afraid of animals and maybe you might also be. Please avoid such a list unless you want to develop new phobias. There are many frightening animals in our world, and some of them are likely to appear in your town. Furthermore, such a phobia may prevent you from traveling. Stop searching this thing on Google.

Our Advice: Don’t increase your zoophobia.

  1. Your name

Things you should never Google

It’s no wonder that in the age of the internet, our anonymity is being called into question. If you Google your name, you would most likely come up with some unfavourable results. We take bad images of you, obsolete details, and meaningless material far too seriously. If you come across anything like this, you can uninstall it all. Just remember you are precious. Start loving yourself. Don’t believe in this and stop searching.

Our Advice: You are precious. Be confident.

  1. Blackhead removal

Things you should never Google

This one is a little strange. It will not threaten you or get you in trouble, but it will consume all of your time. You won’t be able to restrain yourself. It’s strange that blackhead removal offers such visual gratification for so many people, but it does. As a consequence, we encourage you to stop it.

Our Advice: Don’t waste your time. Just follow the suggestion from dermatologist.

  1. Giving birth

Things you should never Google

We’ve always watched those movie scenes. Women screaming at each other, doctors attempting to calm them down it all seems to be very overwhelming, including in a film. The physical method of giving birth, on the other hand, is a hundred times more unsettling. It’s particularly risky to watch for mothers, and it could even prevent them from having children at all. So don’t even bother looking for it. 

Our Advice: Not good for the pregnant women. It can make them feel more nervous and anxious.

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This list will help you in what to search and what not to search in Google. This thing can affect your mind so stop searching this thing.

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