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10 World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle Ever Made by Harley-Davidson

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Most Expensive Motorcycle

Founded in 1903, Harley-Davidson started back in a small garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company has 100 plus years of history and has survived numerous crises including the great depression making it one of the most successful motorcycle manufacturers in the US. Over the years, there were several occasions where the company was involved in making the most expensive motorcycle. While the aesthetic of the Harley motorcycle is unique, it can still easily distinguish for the famous “potato, potato, potato” sound of its V twin engine. Another factor that makes it bewildering is the unique style of a person riding the motorcycle; the bearded, long-haired, leather-wearing, bandana-sporting older man associated with the brand.

Ever wonder how much these bikes might cost you?

Here is the List of 10 World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle ever made by Harley-Davidson:

1. The Classic Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the tenth place, we have a 1912 Harley-Davidson 8A Twin – $236,500

Classics have always been priceless! This beauty crafted with passion and vision is one of its kinds. You will be surprised to know that the bike was one of the first twin-cylinder engines along with a belt drive and idler wheel. This classic bike was restored and was auctioned for $236,500.

2. The Promotional Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the ninth place, we have 1911 Harley Davidson 7D Twin: $284,000

If you are into a vintage collection, this bike might complete your vintage collection cabinet.  Since the rise of Harley Davidson in 1903, the company has manufactured various successful motorcycles. The early bikes were suffered by few design flaws and 5D being one of them. This directed the company towards crafting the 7D in 1911. Though, the bike was made mostly for promotion purposes and never sold to the public. One of the bikes was sold in 2014 for a stupendous price.

3. The Touring Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the eighth place, we have Pope Francis 2013 Harley-Davidson FXD Dyna Super Glide: $331,000.

It was one of the rare moments when the Pope met the famous Harley-Davidson. On the 110th anniversary, Pope Francis received the gift of the gold plated super glide from the Harley Davidson. With its 1855 cc engine, the bike attains the speed of 118 mph which makes it a great for touring. Both the bike and jacket was signed by the Pope himself and sold as part of the charity.

4. The Presley Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the seventh place, we have 1959 Harley-Davidson FLH – $358,000.

You might have heard about Lewis Presley. No! This is not some kind of music history but to your shock, 1959 Harley-Davidson FLH presented to Jerry Lee Lewis as a promotional gift. The bike is famous for its blistering power which was produced from 74 CI motor. In 2015, the bike was sold for a massive $358,000. The price rise was due to the friendly banter between Lewis and Elvis Presley who desired the distinctive bike.

5. The Rare Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the sixth place, we present you the 1909 Model 5-D Twin Harley Davidson – $550,000. 

An integral part of Harley’s history—1909 Model 5-D Twin is one of the rare motorcycles presents till now. The earlier version of the bike was built in 1909 which had belt breaking issues and was removed and remodeled in 1911. Presently, the bike is showcased at the Milwaukee museum.

We have reached the halfway, by now you must have been wondering which is the World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle ever made by Harley-Davidson.

6. The Early Harley Davidson Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the fifth place, we have a 1907 Strap tank Harley Davidson motorcycle – $715,000.

Collectors around the world look for the rarest of the rare; this motorcycle is what we call a collector’s trophy. Built-in 1907, it was one the early bikes of the Harley. The company produced only 150 such motorcycles with a strap tank that gave a good performance.

A South Bend personal injury attorney says: from a legal perspective, it raises questions about safety standards and consumer protection, especially given the high value and unique design of these bikes. Such vehicles may present unique risks, and it’s crucial that manufacturers and owners are aware of and address these potential hazards.

For nearly eight years, the bike belonged to the same family before it was sold to collector E.J Cole for display at the Sturgis Museum. The precious part of Harley’s history was sold for an impressive price tag.

7. The $1 Million Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the fourth place, we have 1916’s 8 Value Racer Harley Davidson.

The bike is one of its kinds and was built especially for racing with 8 valves to help with the speed. It came with a 998cc V-twin engine—one of the power engines at that time. Moreover, there were only 20 of such bikes ever made which makes it even more precious and collectible. The bike is worth $1Million.

8. The Captain America Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the third place, we have easy rider captain America ridden by Peter Fonda – $1.35 Million.

According to the reports published on various websites, the bike was sold within minutes of its auction.  Michael Eisenberg, a Los Angeles collector owns the chopper known as the “Captain America” chopper for the name of Fonda’s character in the 1969 film.

9. Bucherer Blue Edition

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the second place, we have another exclusive Harley Davidson motorcycle,  Bucherer Blue Edition- $1.9 Million.

The Harley-Davidson Blue Edition has officially become the most expensive bike in the world. The unique motorcycle creation has been given a price of $1.79 Million and took around 2500 hrs. to finish. Bucherer and Bunderbike with their eight-team were responsible for making this type of Harley-Davidson. It has been launched at an event in Zurich, Switzerland.

The name Blue edition is based on Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S.

Every metal element found on this motorcycle has been produced, welded, beaten, ground, and polished by hand.

Engine specification: 1.8-liter air cooled v-twin with 148 Nm of torque

10. The $3 Million Bike

Most Expensive Motorcycle

In the first place, we have a cosmic starship.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle was sold for a whopping price of $3 Million. The fascinating fact about the bike is that earlier it was quoted for $15 million. The 2002 Harley V-Rod was transformed with the artistic touch of Jack Armstrong who is the nephew of Neil Armstrong. The reported states that it involved acrylic paint of not less than 37 coats of clear coat on top.

The idea behind such amazing work of art was his belief in “The energy that coexists in interplanetary and multi-dimensional extensionalism.”

Shubham Biradar
(Content Writer)