10 Fin-tech Companies of Boston Strengthening Financial Freedom

financial companies in boston

Boston has it all to be one of the greatest cities of the world as back in the day valiant American freedom fighter carved its name in the history books with Boston tea party. Modern-day Boston is the home of many financial companies known for their environmental sustainability and investment. In this article, we will see how 10 such financial companies in boston with their unique ideas and services making it possible for a customer to have financial freedom in business.

  1.    Plastiq

The company simply makes bill payments smoother and seamless. It lets customers pay bills according to their convenience. As sometimes wire transfers can be a bit confusing. Plastiq empowers its customers to pay for an item in a way that’s best suits them. The company allows the use of a credit card for virtually any expense. That’s why smart cardholders trust Plastiq to grow their business.

Due to its impeccable record in the payment industry, it got an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Over 1,000,000 customers trust the company due to its bank-grade security and global payment reach.

  1.    Forward Financing

The company is located in Boston’s financial district. It is a nationally recognized financial technology company that drives the small business forward. It provides fast and flexible working capital to small and medium-sized businesses across the US. The company uses proprietary technology along with a group of business financing experts to deliver funding with speed and simplicity. This allows a small business owner to grow and succeed.

The talented pools of people in Forward Financing, who love what they do, are fully committed to helping small businesses to grow. Their application process is simple and secure and most of them all it’s free to apply.

  1.    Vestmark Inc.

The innovative wealth technology company had been trusted by brokers, investment managers, and banks to improve their operating models. The company enables investors to better their financial well-being. Vestmark delivers holistic advice in line with investor’s objectives through technology and its services.

The company maintains a diverse pool of partners to complement our product offerings and improve the standards of business. The future of any firm depends on the service model and Vestmark with its fast-paced, transparent and convenient services helps them to make the right financial decisions.

  1.    Kensho Technologies

Some of the leading financial institutions and companies depend upon the Kensho’s breakthrough intelligence products to bring transparency to complex systems. This has earned recognition from the World Economic Forum as one of the most innovative private technology companies in the world.

The company had developed a suite for the browser that uses Google grade technology to allow financial professionals to perform sophisticated multi-condition analysis. The company provides the platform where questions can be asked like Google format and the answer will come in a fully charted manner within seconds.

  1.    Flywire

It is the world-leading payment platform. Through its seamless transaction experience and flexible solutions customized for healthcare, education, travel and many more helping cross-border and domestic payment. The company is the partner of choice for bank of America as it enables enhanced access to payments and receipts.

Flywire provides improved collection performance with convenient payment options to people, that are economical and quality remaining uncompromisingly good. The company helps its clients to reduce costs and increase cash flow by making payments easier and affordable.

  1.    Midaxo

The company pride itself on making the client’s business success. The company aims to add value and go beyond the expectations of clients. With over 30 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions company helps firms to successfully conclude acquisition and mergers. With its comprehensive and intuitive solutions, the company makes it easy for the client to decide on complex issues.

Midaxo values the people who take initiative and are willing to experiment on the path of greatness. It thrives in an environment that is high-achieving and its employees work hard to maintain that level of standard.

  1.    Domeyard LP

It is a hedge fund company renowned for its high rate of trading. Founded back in 2012 by a team of students at MIT and Harvard with just $1000 and now company trades up to $1billion every day. The company is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest service to its investors. All of its trading technologies are designed and created locally.

Domeyard LP has invested in the next-gen technologies to find and secure opportunities that most of the major fund managers miss out on. It deploys co-located servers with multiple exchange memberships that it owns to make a successful trade.

  1.    BondLink

The company connects municipal bond issuers with investors. It provides municipal bond issuers easy to use investor relation websites, customized road-shows, and investor analytics to increase the sale of bonds. The company works with clients and help them set up an investor relation site in real quick time to reach more investors. BondLink uses its analytics and messaging tool to strengthen investor engagement.

  1.    LeaseQ

The marketplace and finance technology platform that links business, equipment, and sellers, and finance companies to make selling and financing equipment easy, fast and economical. The best thing about the platform is that its free, configurable and customizable cloud-based SaaS solution with a suite on-demand software and data solutions for the equipment financing industry. LeaseQ online marketplace significantly decreases the time needed for leasing commercial equipment.

  1. Elsen

The company manages the platform-as-a-service that lets financial institutions harness their data to get faster access, better insight and greater return on investment. Elsen’s nPlatform has three unique innovative tools that can beat the market and save money by optimizing data, vendors, and resources. The company integrates all the data sources of the workflow and all teams of the client onto one singular platform with existing company structure. The company streamline processes and drastically reduce costs by solving license redundancy and moving workflows into a flexible cloud infrastructure.