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How AI will transform the Recruitment Process in 2020?

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AI trends 2020

Big data is not only here to remain, but also it is ready to get even larger in the coming years. In addition, a big reason for the expansion in big data is ever increasing the ability to make sense of that data, because, without an ability to draw insights from the data, the data becomes nothing more than zeroes and ones on a display screen.

When it comes to AI’s role in recruiting, 63 % of world HR professionals said in a recent survey that AI has already modified the way recruiting is done. More than 62 % of the firms plan to spend on AI-powered recruiting software in 2019.

Here are some of the interesting developed AI trends for the recruitment process in 2020:

  • Enhancing the Candidate Experience: Many recruiters and hiring managers generally tend to underestimate the importance of the culture in the recruiting process. AI in the recruitment process helps in supporting human decision making in the recruitment process.
  • Conversation Analytics: AI used in the interview process is very much useful to the recruitment team as their work is pretty much made easier. With the help of the latest AI recruiting technological advancements, recruitment is at an advantage as they can have much better insights and making better hiring decisions.
  • AI-powered background checks:
    While checking the background might be just a formality, but in reality, this is a very crucial step. Nowadays, conducting the background checks of the candidates has been made easier because of the developments in AI that indirectly have helped a lot in the recruitment process. Some of the benefits of utilizing the AI-infused background check technology—reduced bias, more privacy for applicants (as the software only checks relevant information), a simpler, faster, and more efficient process, and scalability of the solution. About 92% of companies conduct a background check.
  • Robotic Processing Automation (RPA):
    As the name suggests, RPA is software that can be used to automate business tasks. It is advantageous as it can take over a myriad of tasks and activities. The reason why this is the beloved advancement is that it can take over the tasks varying from sourcing candidates and enhancing recruitment marketing campaigns to interview scheduling and the deployment of chatbots.
  • Rerouting candidates:
    Have you heard of the phrase—‘Right person, wrong time’? Well, AI in recruitment has given the ability to keep track of a particular candidate that might be beneficial down the line if not now. This is an easier way to keep good applicants with your organization instead of losing them to the competition.
  • AI for internal mobility:
    Hiring candidates internally can help the company in saving the costs required for hiring. By making internal mobility a priority is beneficial for most companies. Nearly, 44% of HR professionals working in companies want to use AI to identify the best internal candidates.

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