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The 10 Best Construction Companies in California in 2022

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Best Construction Companies in California

California is known as the place where budding entrepreneurs, traditional family businesses, and even large conglomerates thrive. The state of California is home to businesses across industries like finance, retail, e-commerce, real estate, etc. The real estate sector in the region has particularly flourished in the recent past. Due to the favorable business environment, several construction companies in California have emerged of late.

Various construction companies in California are ranked among the best in the country. They are making a mark in the industry with their outstanding services. These companies, with their prudent vision, are setting themselves for unprecedented growth in the near future. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 10 best construction companies in California in 2022.

1. DPR Constructions

  • Establishment Year: 1990
  • Prominent Services: Construction management, building information modeling, preconstruction, etc.
  • Popular Projects: Facebook Mesa Data Center, Memorial Cancer Institute, California State University Long Beach

DPR construction is one of the best construction companies in California with decades of experience in the construction business.  From a multi-million dollar building to a conference room renovation, the company handles all projects with the utmost accountability and develops the best strategies according to the project. Its expertise in the field, blended with the years of experience makes DPR a no.1 choice for the clients.

2. KB Home

KB Home
  • Establishment Year: 1957
  • Prominent Services: Homebuilding
  • Popular Projects: GreenHouse, ZeroHouse 2.0

Founded as Kaufman & Broad, KB Homes is a veteran homebuilding company based in the U.S. It was the first company to be traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) as a home builder. The company has built around 600,000 homes since its inception, primarily for first-time buyers.

3. Swinerton Builders

Swinerton Builders
  • Establishment Year: 1888
  • Prominent Services: Commercial construction, preconstruction, etc.
  • Popular Projects: Fairmont Hotel, Eel River Bridge, NASA Sustainability Base

Swinerton Builders provides top-notch construction, construction management, and contracting services. The company provides its services across various sectors like retail, multi-family residential, education, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, etc. It has a widespread network with offices throughout California.

4. Tutor Perini

Tutor Perini
  • Establishment Year: 1894
  • Prominent Services: General contracting, construction management, design-build services
  • Popular Projects: CityCenter, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Hudson Yards

Tutor Perini is one of the top companies in the list of construction companies in California that works on numerous construction projects throughout the United States and Canada. The company has established a strong reputation within the market by executing large, complicated projects on time. Previously known as Perini Corporation, the company’s name was changed to Tutor Perini in 2009.

5. Granite Construction

 Granite Construction
  • Establishment Year: 1922
  • Prominent Services: Transportation, Water Infrastructure, Mineral Exploration
  • Popular Projects: Tucson Modern Street Car, Las Vegas Monorail

One of the most popular construction companies in California, Granite Construction specializes in both public and private sector transportation infrastructure projects. These projects include roads, bridges, tunnels, highways, dams, mass transit facilities, etc. The company also has a material division that produces construction materials like sand, gravel, asphalt concrete, ready-mix, etc.

6. Devcon Construction

  • Establishment Year: 1976
  • Prominent Services: General Contracting, Heavy Equipment, Construction Management
  • Popular Projects: Elco Yards, Adobe North, Peninsula Innovation Point

Devcon Construction is a well-known company with decades of experience in the areas of construction of projects and management. Ranked among the best construction companies in Silicon Valley, the company has been working on projects of all sizes and types for a wide range of owners, developers, and end-users.

7. Webcor Builders

Webcor Builders
  • Establishment Year: 1971
  • Prominent Services: Commercial Construction, Interior Construction and Carpentry Services, Concrete Construction, and Consulting
  • Popular Projects: Millennium Tower, The Infinity, Foundry Square

Webcor is a commercial construction company with a core service focused on commercial buildings in Northern California and Silicon Valley. The company is known for its high-tech products and has worked on headquarters for renowned tech giants like Adobe Systems, Oracle, etc.

8. Thompson Builders

 Thompson Builders
  • Establishment Year: 1989
  • Prominent Services: General Contracting, Commercial Construction,
  • Popular Projects: TBC Headquarters, Cadillac Hotel, 321 Florida

Thompson Builders is one of the top construction companies in California. Previously known as “West Bay Builders”, the company has vast experience building large-scale commercial projects across a variety of markets. Since its inception, Thompson Builders has successfully completed over 200 projects worth over $2 billion.

9. William Lyon Homes

William Lyon Homes
  • Establishment Year: 1956
  • Prominent Services: Homebuilding
  • Popular Projects: NA

A team of passionate visionaries committed to providing top-notch homebuilding and home-buying experience, William Lyon Homes is a well-known construction company in California. Since its inception, the company has earned a solid reputation with outstanding construction and customer service. In 2020, William Lyon Homes was acquired by Taylor Morrison Home Corporation.

10. J.F. Shea Co., Inc.

J.F. Shea Co., Inc.
  • Establishment Year: 1881
  • Prominent Services: commercial construction,  construction materials, venture capital
  • Popular Projects: The Hoover Dam, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

J.F. Shea Co. Inc. is one of the largest and oldest construction companies in America. J.F Shea comprises several companies including Shea Properties, Shea Ventures, Shea Homes, Shea Mortgage, BlueStar Resort & Golf, REED, Shea Ventures, etc. The company has fortified its position in the market by venturing into several related industries like residential construction, venture capital, etc.

So, this was our list of the 10 best construction companies in California. While some of these companies are veterans in the market—operating for years, some of them are relatively new and are still establishing themselves in the industry. But one thing that is common in these companies is that they are constantly showing positive growth and striving to provide their clients with the best possible services.

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