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The Top 10 Construction Companies in California: How They Are Making a Difference in the Community

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Construction Companies in California

California is known as the place where budding entrepreneurs, traditional family businesses, and even large conglomerates thrive. The state of California is home to businesses across industries like finance, retail, e-commerce, real estate, etc. The real estate sector in the region has particularly flourished in the recent past. Due to the favorable business environment, several construction companies in California have emerged of late.

California houses several construction companies that have earned national acclaim. Renowned for their exceptional services, these firms are leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Their visionary strategies are positioning them for remarkable growth in the coming years. Therefore, within this blog, a comprehensive list of the top 10 construction companies in California has been meticulously assembled, shedding light on their achievements and standing within the field.

Here are the TOP Construction Companies in California

1. DPR Constructions

  • Establishment Year: 1990
  • Prominent Services: Construction management, building information modeling, preconstruction, etc.
  • Popular Projects: Facebook Mesa Data Center, Memorial Cancer Institute, California State University Long Beach

DPR construction one of the premier construction companies in California, boasts a rich history spanning decades in the industry. Their versatility is evident as they handle projects ranging from multi-million-dollar buildings to conference room renovations, all executed with accountability. Moreover, they tailor their strategies to match the unique demands of each undertaking. Their extensive expertise and years of experience have solidified DPR’s status as the top choice for clients seeking excellence in construction. Furthermore, DPR’s commitment to sustainability and innovation shines through their numerous LEED-certified projects, showcasing their dedication to reducing environmental impact. The company is equally at the forefront of technology adoption in construction, as demonstrated by its active involvement in pioneering initiatives such as utilizing drones and 3D printing in its California offices.

2. KB Home

KB Home
  • Establishment Year: 1957
  • Prominent Services: Homebuilding
  • Popular Projects: GreenHouse, ZeroHouse 2.0

KB Homes, initially established as Kaufman & Broad, stands as a seasoned player in the U.S. homebuilding industry. The company holds the distinction of being the first to grace the NYSE listing as a home builder. With a remarkable track record of constructing approximately 600,000 homes since its inception, KB Homes primarily caters to first-time buyers. Moreover, KB Homes is committed to crafting energy-efficient homes, with all their homes earning ENERGY STAR® certification and meeting stringent energy efficiency standards prescribed by the EPA. This translates to cost savings for homeowners through reduced utility bills and contributes to a more eco-friendly footprint. In addition, KB Homes is equally devoted to the pursuit of quality in home construction. They employ top-tier materials and construction techniques, ensuring their homes are built to withstand the test of time. In addition, they offer a comprehensive warranty, assuring homeowners protection against any potential defects.

3. Swinerton Builders

Swinerton Builders
  • Establishment Year: 1888
  • Prominent Services: Commercial construction, preconstruction, etc.
  • Popular Projects: Fairmont Hotel, Eel River Bridge, NASA Sustainability Base

Swinerton Builders is one of the prominent construction companies in California and offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing construction, construction management, and contracting. Moreover, its extensive network spans various regions in California, providing accessibility to a broad clientele. Swinerton has garnered a stellar reputation for excellence in an array of sectors, including commercial, multi-family residential, healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment, and infrastructure. However, what truly sets them apart is their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. With LEED certification on over 200 projects, they stand out as leaders in incorporating innovative construction technologies. In addition to their professional accomplishments, Swinerton’s dedication extends to the local community, as they generously contribute millions of dollars to charities and nonprofits each year, thus underscoring their role as a responsible corporate citizen.

4. Tutor Perini

Tutor Perini
  • Establishment Year: 1894
  • Prominent Services: General contracting, construction management, design-build services
  • Popular Projects: CityCenter, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Hudson Yards

Tutor Perini, a leading name among California’s construction companies, actively engages in a multitude of construction projects spanning across the United States and Canada. Their sterling reputation in the market is a result of consistently delivering large and complex projects on schedule. However, it’s worth noting that Tutor Perini was not always the name it goes by today. Formerly recognized as Perini Corporation, the company adopted its current name, Tutor Perini, in 2009. With offices in 15 cities throughout the state, including prominent locations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and Fresno, Tutor Perini has established a considerable presence. Moreover, their workforce in California boasts over 4,000 employees, reflecting their dedication to job creation and community engagement. With an annual revenue exceeding $1 billion, Tutor Perini stands as a powerhouse in the construction industry. Despite their success, the company remains committed to addressing and minimizing injuries of construction workers through stringent safety measures and protocols.

5. Granite Construction

 Granite Construction
  • Establishment Year: 1922
  • Prominent Services: Transportation, Water Infrastructure, Mineral Exploration
  • Popular Projects: Tucson Modern Street Car, Las Vegas Monorail

Granite Construction, one of California’s most well-known construction firms, specializes in public and private transportation infrastructure projects. These projects include roads, bridges, tunnels, highways, dams, mass transit facilities, etc. The company also has a material division that produces construction materials like sand, gravel, asphalt concrete, ready-mix, etc. Additionally, with a presence in over 20 cities statewide, including key locations like Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno, and Bakersfield, Granite Construction is strategically positioned to meet diverse regional needs, facilitating accessibility and regional development.

6. Devcon Construction

Best Construction Companies in California
  • Establishment Year: 1976
  • Prominent Services: General Contracting, Heavy Equipment, Construction Management
  • Popular Projects: Elco Yards, Adobe North, Peninsula Innovation Point

Devcon Construction is a well-known company with decades of experience in the areas of project construction and management. Ranked among the best construction companies in Silicon Valley, the company has been working on projects of all sizes and types for a wide range of owners, developers, and end-users. Moreover, Devcon demonstrates its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, with over 50 LEED-certified projects in its repertoire. This dedication to sustainability is reflected in their ongoing efforts to minimize the environmental footprint of their construction activities, solidifying their reputation as a responsible industry leader. The best practices applied by companies like Devcon have been influential in shaping and inspiring platforms like EHS School, which aim to further elevate safety and sustainability protocols within the construction sector. 

7. Webcor Builders

 Best Construction Companies in California Webcor Builders
  • Establishment Year: 1971
  • Prominent Services: Commercial Construction, Interior Construction and Carpentry Services, Concrete Construction, and Consulting
  • Popular Projects: Millennium Tower, The Infinity, Foundry Square

Webcor is a commercial construction company with a core service focused on commercial buildings in Northern California and Silicon Valley. The company is known for its high-tech products and has worked on headquarters for renowned tech giants like Adobe Systems, Oracle, etc. Moreover, what sets Webcor apart is its reputation for adopting innovative and collaborative construction methodologies, backed by a wealth of experience, cutting-edge BIM/virtual building techniques, and a distinctive proficiency in concrete construction, which facilitates the development of iconic projects. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Webcor has been an integral part of Obayashi, a prominent Japanese construction giant, since 2007.

8. Thompson Builders

Best Construction Companies in California Thompson Builders
  • Establishment Year: 1989
  • Prominent Services: General Contracting, Commercial Construction,
  • Popular Projects: TBC Headquarters, Cadillac Hotel, 321 Florida

Thompson Builders, formerly known as “West Bay Builders,” stands prominently as one of California’s foremost construction companies. With an impressive track record spanning numerous markets, the company has demonstrated its proficiency in executing large-scale commercial projects. Since its establishment, Thompson Builders has completed more than 200 projects, collectively valued at over $2 billion. The company’s distinction lies in its capacity to undertake extensive commercial construction endeavors across various sectors, employing diverse project delivery models. Furthermore, Thompson Builders is not merely a general contractor; they distinguish themselves as true builders, self-performing critical trades, including rough and finish carpentry, and concrete work, as well as civil tasks like grading, paving, and utility installations. This internal expertise allows them to pass on substantial cost savings to their clients, thereby providing them with a significant competitive advantage.

9. William Lyon Homes

William Lyon Homes
  • Establishment Year: 1956
  • Prominent Services: Homebuilding
  • Popular Projects: NA

William Lyon Homes, a prominent construction company in California, boasts a dedicated team of visionary professionals committed to delivering unparalleled homebuilding and home-buying experiences. Since its establishment, the company has diligently built a formidable reputation founded on exceptional construction standards and unwavering customer service. Moreover, William Lyon Homes offers a diverse array of features and options, empowering homebuyers to tailor their homes to their preferences. This entails the flexibility to select the ideal floor plan, finishes, and appliances, ensuring a personalized living environment. Notably, the company has garnered recognition for its excellence within the homebuilding industry, securing several awards, including the prestigious National Builder of the Year accolade from Professional Builder magazine. However, in 2020, William Lyon Homes underwent a significant development as it was acquired by Taylor Morrison Home Corporation, marking a new chapter in its legacy.

10. J.F. Shea Co., Inc.

J.F. Shea Co., Inc. Best Construction Companies in California
  • Establishment Year: 1881
  • Prominent Services: commercial construction,  construction materials, venture capital
  • Popular Projects: The Hoover Dam, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

J.F. Shea Co. Inc. stands as one of America’s most substantial and time-honored construction companies. Moreover, it comprises an array of subsidiary entities, such as Shea Properties, Shea Ventures, Shea Homes, Shea Mortgage, BlueStar Resort & Golf, REED, and Shea Ventures, which collectively reinforce its stature. The company has strategically diversified its presence in the market by expanding into various interconnected sectors, encompassing residential construction and venture capital, among others. This diversification, therefore, equips J.F. Shea with a multifaceted portfolio of businesses, enabling it to withstand economic downturns and seize emergent opportunities with acumen. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, J.F. Shea Co., Inc. has garnered acclaim for its involvement in several high-profile projects, including the illustrious Hoover Dam, the BART system, and the Los Angeles International Airport.

In conclusion, the list presented outlines the top 10 construction companies in California. While a few of these companies boast a long-standing presence in the market, operating for years, others are comparatively new, still working to solidify their footing in the industry. Nevertheless, a shared trait among these firms is their steadfast commitment to consistent growth and their dedication to delivering the highest quality services to their clients.

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