Future prediction of Media and Entertainment industry

Future of Media and Entertainment industry

The data explosion has heavily influenced the media, entertainment, and advertising (MEA) industries. Nowadays consumers are viewing, sharing and listening to more online content than ever before, and expect immediate and constant access on a multitude of technological devices. The proliferation of this data means that it is now becoming increasingly necessary for MEA businesses to bypass the public internet, ensuring they have the flexibility and scalability to respond to data demands.

While interviewing the Leading Media & Entertainment solution providers Mirror Review has scratched on their views on the future of Media and Entertainment Industry.

  1. The Founder and CEO, of Cantech India, Devarsh Pandya is a Computer Science graduate and Master of Business Administration with rich expertise in sales and product development, who claims that “Service” is the simplest strategy to capture the huge market.

Cantech India

  1. The CEO of Deluxe Entertainment, John Wallace, shares the outstanding offerings of his company on how they mastered the art of distributing digital content and offers comprehensive services at an unmatched scale, speed and quality.

Deluxe Entertainment

  1. Established in 2009, by Vikas Kumar to offer quality animation services —Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a world-class animation studio is a one-stop for animation services from pre-production to post-production.

Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd,

  1. The zest for making beautiful pictures using computers inspired the enthusiastic Simon Robinson (Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Foundry) to establish Foundry.


  1. Satej Sirur founded Rocketium to serve the customers by giving them a platform to create videos in the shortest time.


  1. Vendasta CEO Brendan King has been with the company since the beginning and is charged with balancing big picture planning with an eye to the finer details of running a multinational company.


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