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10 Google Cloud Jobs That will Help Building Expert Professionals

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Google Cloud Jobs

Today, companies are switching to the cloud for fast services and innovative solutions. Complex cloud solutions are solved only by expert individuals. Thus, cloud professionals are the highest-paid individuals. Certifications in the cloud and relevant experience offer a wide range of job opportunities to the experts. In this blog, we will be sharing 10 on-demand Google cloud jobs that are highly popular within the cloud industry. 

1. Accessibility Analyst

Google cloud jobs - Accessibility Analyst

Minimum Experience: 2 Years in accessibility testing

Average Salary: 72k USD-100k USD

Job Role: To perform accessibility testing, analysis, and evaluation of assistive technology tools on various platforms such as desktops, mobiles, smart displays.

Skills needed:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Certification from International Association from Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)
  • Experience with braille, WCAG, ARIA

Accessibility analyst is one of the best google cloud jobs. These analysts handle Google Cloud’s Platform Accessibility program and report on accessibility progress and opportunities. They work with clients to understand their requirements on technical implementations.

2. Infrastructure Specialist

Google cloud jobs - Infrastructure Specialist

Minimum Experience: 3+ years of experience in google cloud services

Average Salary: 100k USD -160k USD

Job Role: Assisting and resolving customer queries about Google Cloud Platform; Reviewing and troubleshooting issues

Skills needed:

  • Experience in Business to business enterprise-grade support
  • Experience in cloud identity and security systems
  • Knowledge in Linux/Unix or Windows systems from kernel or shell

To make the business productive, company infrastructure must be strong. An infrastructure specialist is responsible for accessing, configuring, and maintaining technological infrastructure systems. Evaluation of existing systems to support the business operations is a part of responsibilities handled by Infrastructure Specialists. Google cloud jobs must include an Infrastructure Specialist position that focuses on handling customer requirements and driving solutions.

3. Cloud Automation Engineer

Google cloud jobs - Cloud Automation Engineer

Minimum Experience: 4+ experience

Average Salary: 150k USD

Job Role: Designing the automation in the cloud; Executing process engineering and automation tools

Skills needed:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, and IT
  • Knowledge in Cloud and Architecture
  • Knowledge in database, security, authentication and web servers
  • Knowledge in programming languages, Linux, data analysis

When every technology is switching towards automation, an expert in cloud automation is needed for the automation. Cloud automation engineer is one of the best google cloud jobs offers.

4. Cloud Architect

Google cloud jobs - Cloud Architect

Minimum Experience: Minimum 6 years of experience in handling customer needs and designing them into cloud architects

Average Salary: $139,000–$175,000 USD

Job Role: Handling enterprise cloud architecture and applying best practices to upscale the implementation

Skills needed:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • knowledge in writing software,
  • knowledge in programming languages,
  • knowledge in designing and deploying data processing systems

A cloud architect designs the cloud computing strategies of the company and implements them. They are responsible for ensuring smooth operations in the cloud. It can be considered as a basic framework where all cloud technologies and operations are done.

5. Cloud Security Analyst

Google cloud jobs - Cloud Security Analyst

Minimum Experience: 3 Years of experience in Information Security

Average Salary:120K USD

Job Role: Installing security solutions; Upgrading systems for security software; Installing antivirus software; Testing and evaluating new technologies; Designing and implementing secure cloud systems

Skills needed:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Proficient with MAC and OS
  • Knowledge in penetration testing and techniques
  • Knowledge in installing security software

Cloud security analyst or Information security analyst focuses on the security of the cloud data and information. These professionals help implement IT security to avoid cyber-attacks on the company’s cloud. They monitor and prevent cyber attacks on the systems. Protecting private data is done by firewall and software system monitoring.

6. Google Cloud Software Engineer III

Google cloud jobs - Google Cloud Software Engineer III

Minimum Experience:4-7 Years

Average Salary:140K USD

Job Role: To design, develop, test, maintain the software

Skills needed:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Software development experience
  • Knowledge in object-oriented programming languages
  • Knowledge in mobile application development

A cloud software engineer-3 designs and develops software applications. These professionals are responsible for handling junior software developers. Google cloud jobs mark this job role important as individuals handle complex projects.

7. DevOps Expert

Google cloud jobs - DevOps Expert

Minimum Experience:2-5 Years

Average Salary:126K USD

Job Role: To integrate the project functions; To plan, build, test and deploy the subject

Skills needed:

  • Coding and scripting
  • Cloud skills
  • Skills in cloud automation
  • Communication skills
  • Technical support skills

DevOps helps in development, testing, and support processes. The DevOps Expert jobs help in the software project life cycle. These experts manage processes, tools, and methods used throughout the process. They are responsible for the coding, development, and deployment of the project. They also handle quality control processes.

8. Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud Network Engineer

Minimum Experience: 3-5 Years of experience in configuring and implementing network infrastructures

Average Salary: 130k USD

Job Role: To design and implement client cloud solutions; Find cloud providers and responsive cloud networks; Troubleshoot the issues

Skills needed:

  • Database skills
  • programming skills
  • networking skills
  • knowledge in DevOps
  • Understanding of cloud providers

As cloud computing is growing, client satisfaction needs more accurate cloud network solutions. A cloud network engineer completes the demands of clients and provides them with a good cloud network. They design how the digital information will be provided to customers. They reduce the load on customers of installing and maintaining the software.

9. Full-stack Engineer

Full-stack Engineer

Minimum Experience: Minimum 3 years experience with coding languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript

Average Salary: 100k USD

Job Role: Designing and creating scalable software, Front-end and back-end coding; Developing and managing databases and their functioning; Debugging and troubleshooting

Skills needed:

  • Degree in computer science
  • Project management skills
  • Experience in programming languages
  • Knowledge in Angular, React and amber

Considered as one of the highly sought Google cloud jobs a full-stack engineer or developer does the programming of both- front-end and back-end. These professionals create fully-developed programs with the right database, servers and clients.

10. Cloud Consultant

Cloud Consultant

Minimum Experience: Both Freshers and experienced can apply

Average Salary: 110k USD

Job Role: To examine the customer requirements, to perform research, to analyze the data to determine the right cloud solutions for clients

Skills needed:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology
  • Knowledge of Networking
  • Knowledge of Windows and Linux Operating System
  •  Knowledge of Programming
  • Experience in building a project

A cloud consultant has a thorough knowledge of the cloud sector, its tools and operations. They play an important role in guiding the companies to choose the right cloud solutions and optimize the capital and make the cloud workload efficient.

How are Google Cloud jobs beneficial?

The above-mentioned Google cloud jobs help individuals and company clients gain knowledge and help millions of organizations. Professionals serving in the Google cloud not only solve the interesting problems of customers but also learn from the jobs they are doing. They solve the engineering problems with always respect to the business needs of the clients.

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