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Top 10 Software Testing Companies in India Offering Top-Notch Services

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software testing companies in India

Today, India is a massive seedbed for IT and tech companies. In fact, numerous software testing companies in India are receiving global applause for their top-notch services and quality testing. Several experts also predict that the software testing market in India will expand as a billion-dollar industry by 2025. The emergence of latest software trends such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are contributing to the growth of the market.

With that being said, major software companies in India are making a global mark currently. As a result, these companies have contributed to the making of software testing a ceaseless segment of the IT industry. Keeping these factors in mind, we have curated a list of companies working in the testing domain and offering the best software testing companies in India:

Top Software Testing Companies in India

  1. DelaPlex
  2. KiwiQA Services
  3. Vervali Systems Private Limited
  4. ImpactQA
  5. PerfectQA Services
  6. Testrig Technologies
  7. Bugraptors
  8. Testovox
  10. HikeQA

1. DelaPlex

Software Testing Companies in India - DelaPlex

Year of Inception: 2008

Location: Atlanta (Offices in Nagpur, India)

Niche Service: Mobile App Development, Customer Software development and Application Testing

Company Strength: 250-999

DelaPlex is one of those software testing companies in India whose expertise lies in mobile app development, custom software development, and application testing for clients mainly in the financial services and advertising industry. The company has especially formed software for a SaaS provider and supported to build of many tools that the provider provides as its services.

The clients appreciate it because of how the team understands their requirements and what is important for the clients. In addition, DelaPlex customizes to concentrate on the business goals of clients along with their ambitions to maximize production and offer an innovative, high-quality product.

2. KiwiQA Services

Software Testing Companies in India - KiwiQA Services

Year of Inception: 2009

Location: Ahmedabad (HQ in Sydney)

Niche Service: Testing and QA services

Company Strength: 50

KiwiQA Services is one of the software testing companies in India and provides testing and Quality Assurance services to consumers in many different industries. Additionally, it regulates security audits of web platforms. Subsequently diagnosing various issues, the company hand over risk assessment and advancement recommendations. Along with a flexible and proactive team, KiwiQA also provides daily progress reports to its clients.

With incomparable expertise and exceptional priority on handing over quality services, the team possess a qualified team of testers who recognize how to leverage the progressive testing tools for delivering end-to-end testing services with phenomenal results. As a result, with involvement in varied domains and industry verticals, KiwiQA assures faultlessness in all the software being tested.

3. Vervali Systems Private Limited

Software Testing Companies in India - Vervali Systems Private Limited

Year of Inception: 2010

Location: Pune (HQ in Mumbai)

Niche Service: Cybersecurity and Application Testing Services

Company Strength: 30

Vervali Systems Pvt Ltd is another leading software companies in India. It provides cybersecurity and application testing services such as breach apprehension, digital forensics, and auditing, expert testimony, and many more.

The company also provides cost-effective round-the-clock establishments with full resilience to scale up-down based on the firm’s needs. Moreover, Vervali’s proficiency in inventive tools and technologies with a strong culture to advance automation makes it technology agnostic. As a result, the company has ridden clients of barriers of technology constraints and constant automated environments that make it a modern optimized set-up for clients.

4. ImpactQA

Year of Inception: 2011

Location: Noida, India

Niche Service: Software Testing and QA Consultant

Company Strength: 250-999

ImpactQA has a massive reputation as one of the most popular software testing companies in India. It has earned a shining reputation of being a global provider of state-of-the-art software testing and consulting services. Its AI-based automation merged with quality engineering, continuous testing and cloud migration SAP testing reflects a dedicated service approach.

With over a decade old experience in QA and testing, ImpactQA helps enterprises reinvent themselves on the technological front. The team applies both domain-specific and client-oriented processes with advanced tool expertise to deliver reliable and quality solutions, thereby, navigating the client’s digital transformation journey.

5. PerfectQA Services

Software Testing Companies in India - PerfectQA Services

Year of Inception: 2012

Location:  Kalol, India

Niche Service: Software automation and testing services providers

Company Strength: 10-49

PerfectQA Services is one of the leading software testing companies in India established in 2012 and based in Kalol, India. The company is a software automation and testing services provider with its primary service being web application testing. Moreover, it has done test case automation of no less than more than 50 applications and web screens. PerfectQA is recognized as a knowledgeable and experienced partner to clients and is devoted to delivering the best outcome.

Additionally, the company practices an open, honest approach concentrated on commonly agreed outcomes and shared risk, flexibility, and guaranteeing focus with a “can do” commitment. It is consistent, honest, and holds itself to account as well as delivers results through integrity, builds trust with partners, customers, and people.

6. Testrig Technologies

Software Testing Companies in India - Testrig Technologies

Year of Inception: 2015

Location: Pune, London and Dallas

Niche Service: Testing and Quality assurance

Company strength: 10-49

Testrig Technologies is an independent quality assurance and software testing company. The company provides both testing and quality assurance services for web applications, mobile applications, and security infrastructure and usability. As a QA organization, it integrates cost-effectiveness with global expanse and experience for QA services.

Testrig Technologies offers a variety of Android and web applications testing. It assesses the solutions for the performance under numerous variables incorporating, the Android version, screen size, and device used. Moreover, the company’s daily reports facilitate the client to triple their decision-making speed and launch products sooner. 

7. BugRaptors


Year of Inception: 2016

Location: Mohali, India

Niche Service: Web Application Testing

Company Strength: 50-249

BugRaptors is one of the software testing companies in India which mainly works in the gaming and real estate industries with small business clients. Additionally, the company has a team of ISTQB (and equivalent) authorized testing experts and their vision is to uphold the world’s de-facto standard in the software testing domain.

BugRaptors has also provided web application testing for online training platforms. As new elements are integrated on the online platforms every month, the company executes, therefore, ticket and regression testing on the web application.

8. Testvox


Year of Inception: 2017

Location: Kozhikode, India

Niche Service: Full Software Testing Services

Company Strength: 50-249

Testvox is one of the popular software testing companies in India. It is known for its sterling quality and keen innovation. In fact, the company was founded with the goal of creating a venue that offers full software testing services. Since its establishment, Testvox has evolved from a tiny startup to a team of highly skilled engineers dedicated to achieving its objectives.

The company has successfully completed projects with international clients in India as well as the United Arab Emirates and the UK. Moreover, it has maintained long-term client relationships through honesty and trustworthy business ties.



Year of Inception: 2018

Location: Portland and Mumbai

Niche Service: Software Testing Company for Managed Testing

Company Strength: 2-9

ASTAQC CONSULTING is a Quality Assurance and software testing company. The company has about 10 employees mostly serving mid-market clients in the government and IT regions. Its range of services includes cybersecurity, application testing, and custom software development.

ASTAQC CONSULTING has managed quality assurance and application testing for an online meal delivery platform. The company ran several tests and diagnostics to analyze and resolve platform bugs effectively. Additionally, it also believes in building trust, collaborating effortlessly, and solving problems.

10. HikeQA


Year of Inception: 2020

Location: Noida, India

Niche Service: Independent QA

Company Strength: 50-249

HikeQA is successfully delivering robust QA and testing solutions for every type of software and mobile application for past 10 years. It provides expertise in Quality Assurance Testing Services to ensure accurate functionality of Mobile and Desktop Applications and website performance on varied gadgets.

Moreover, the company’s focus is to thoroughly validate every aspect of the products to minimize its defects. As a result, its cutting-edge processes include re-running functional and non-functional tests to check bugs or breaks in a new code and penetration testing to fix security gaps by both automated and manual processes.

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