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Top 8 Mobile Threat Defense Solutions that can help you secure your mobile infrastructure

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According to the American research and advisory firm, Gartner, “Threat defense tools use a mix of vulnerability management, anomaly detection, behavioral profiling, code emulation, intrusion prevention, host firewalling and transport security technologies to defend mobile devices and applications from advanced threats.”

According to Gartner’s  Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions, by 2019, mobile malware will amount to one-third of total malware reported in standard tests, up sharply from 7.5% of malware today. By 2020, 30% of organizations will have MTD in place, up from the less than 10% who have it in place this year.

We have listed prominent threat defense solutions that are currently present in the market and can save you against mobile malware:

1. Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile’s risk-based mobile security approach is designed from the ground up to defend against all detected threats that put business data at risk of exposure, theft and manipulation, while respecting users’ need for privacy, productivity and a great mobile experience.

2. zPlatform

Zimperium’s award-winning zPlatformis the only purpose-built platform designed to meet the needs of the enterprise. Zimperium solutions, collectively known as the zPlatform, allow customers to detect and prevent more mobile threats, with the least amount of organizational friction, than any alternative. Zimperium’s on-device, machine learning-based detection of mobile threats and enterprise-class capabilities are unmatched.

3. KPN

With Mobile Threat Defense from KPN, users are optimally protected against this. Mobile Threat Defense is a security application on the mobile device. The app provides protection against known and unknown threats and the ability to respond quickly and adequately. Mobile Threat Defense is available in a basic and a professional version. With the professional variant, user get up-to-date insight into the mobile threat landscape via a well-organized portal and all necessary information for monitoring any incidents.

4. Wandera

Wandera mobile threat defense system made for the intelligent enterprises. It’s being trusted by over 750 global enterprises.

Prevent the attack – With access to the network itself, threats like phishing and malware can be intercepted before they even reach the device.

Detect the threat – Using real-time behavioral analysis, even undiscovered, zero day threats can be identified on infected devices.

Contain the damage – Once a device is compromised, stop attackers from exerting remote control and block the data from exfiltration.


Kaymera offers government agencies, enterprises and SMEs worldwide the most powerful and versatile Mobile Threat Defense platform. With a contextual, self-learning risk analytics engine and multi-layer mitigation capabilities at its core, the platform can detect, prevent and protect against any mobile threat – in real time.

Cipherfort is a military-grade secure device based on high-end off the shelf devices that ensure complete protection against all mobile threat and attack vectors. It’s rich portfolio ranges from hardened mobile devices serving the most sensitive personnel, to powerful mobile threat defense apps and secure landlines continuously protecting all other organizational assets. Kaymera balances mobile functionality, usability and productivity with uncompromising security – optimally engaging mitigation measures on demand according to the specific threats and risk contexts.

6.MobileIron Threat Defense

MobileIron Threat Defense Protect your company from data loss in the event of any mobile threat so you are not cleaning up after an attack. With one app, you can detect and remediate both known and zero-day attacks on the mobile device, without disruption to user productivity. Users are delighted and can work on a device of their choice from anywhere, and those mobile devices are prevented from impacting the corporate network and risking data loss.

7. PRADEO Security

PRADEO security provides 360° Mobile Threat Protection which scans, detects and qualifies precisely all Apps behaviors and vulnerabilities, outperforming reputation technologies. Pradeo’s patented technology provides a reliable detection of threats being the starting point of a real protection.

8. Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile

Mobile devices are the backdoor to network breaches, exposing sensitive corporate data to risk. Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile is the leading mobile threat defense solution (MTD), protecting devices in your business from advanced mobile attacks. SandBlast Mobile protects employees’ devices from infected apps, man-in-the-middle attacks over Wi-Fi, OS exploits, and malicious links in SMS messages.

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