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10 Ways How AI Will Change Your Life Forever

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ways AI change life

The technology is being applied to learn human habits, likes and relationship patterns. Just as Netflix uses an algorithm to suggest films you watch, a similar ‘Lifestyle AI’ could help choose human wardrobe, next meal, job, or romantic partner.

AI is likely to have entered our lives in much the same way as smartphones, the internet, and global travel are now taken for granted.

Here are the 10 ways how AI will change your life:

  1. Frees Up Humans – Artificial Intelligence is Freeing up Humans from redundant tasks by not eliminating jobs. Machines can do that, so this is where AI can provide a true benefit.
  2. Personalization – Benefits of deeper personalization in terms of the ability to understand what each customer really wants and is interested in can be achieved through AI over time. It will live up to the hype because it’s already being used in some degree to illustrate how personalization is possible and how AI saves considerable time in getting to a deeper level of understanding of each customer.
  3. Fewer screens – AI will enable to interact with information as if people are interacting with a knowledgeable individual. Nowadays people don’t have to look into their screens to do their work, they just have to give voice commands and their work will be done.
    Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant are already acting as a personal assistant
  4. Quality of living – With each wave of technology advancement, the quality of life for the world overall has increased. With AI, people can now have better-personalized healthcare, more efficient energy use, enhanced food production capabilities, improved jobs with less mundane work, and more.
  5. Helping struggling communities and nations – While AI is critical for self-driving cars, the military, commerce, AI-driven SEO and gaming.
  6. Home automation energy savings – Artificial intelligence based home automation is the future. If everyone in the world installed a smart thermostat, they would collectively save hundreds of millions of dollars annually in wasted energy.
  7. Time-saving – AI will save companies considerable time by doing tasks and collecting data as well as providing decisions based on that data much faster than human beings can do. It seems quite possible that AI has the capability of doing so much more than we can do on many levels. It’s an exciting time to watch the changes that AI brings.
  8. Time and resource allocation – Artificial Intelligence will do wonders to help automate processes that, take time and manual labor but don’t contribute much to the bottom line or moving forward as a company. Automation will allow additional time and resources to be dedicated to what companies need to focus their energy on customer experience.
  9. Personal Travel Agent – Artificial intelligence could be the brain behind future travel and transport planning. Smart tools might evaluate travel preferences in different circumstances and match them against the travel options available.
  10. Making Good Decisions –AI could become a sort of conscience, reminding of right and wrong at every turn. This could work on both the individual level and at an organizational scale. AI might be deployed as a form of monitoring or ‘truth detecting’ technology that sets off alarms at the source of any mistruth, but data could also become so ubiquitous and verifiable that it will not pay to lie.

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