9 Effective Tools and Apps To Revolutionize Your Business

9 Tools To Revolutionize Business

Business owners usually face difficulties when it comes down to finding the right social media marketing tools for your business. The reason for this difficulty is that there are so many choices amongst social media. It’s that they have some feature or result that literally transforms your business, either through content creation and sharing, productivity, results, engagement, growth; or just hands-down saving you a ton of time and resources so that you can focus on the things that matter in your business.

    1. Image Optim: The Optimizing App

Image Optim is a free app that allows you to optimize images so they take up less disk space and load faster. ImageOptim takes it a little further than photoshop and optimizes your images. You simply have to drag and drop your image into ImageOptim and it does its thing, no need to your image file name is kept the same.

    2. Ontrapages: The Web Designing App

Ontrapages allows you to create beautiful web and landing pages, and gorgeous web forms and pop-ups. You can pick your colors, fonts, and backgrounds and change around elements from a drag and drop menu of design blocks or elements.

    3. Brain FM: The Brain Relaxation Tool

If one wants to tune their brain, then they should definitely tune into Brain FM! It is a radio station for your brain which utilizes scientifically proven audio brainwave training and special EEG technology. The fact that it uses scientifically proven audio brainwave training is backed by 180 studies. Besides that, you could use headphones to listen to this app. Brain FM helps you to relax your mind and regain your focus to revolutionize your business.

     4. Wisestamp: The Signature Tool

It’s a feature that allows one to edit their signature to promote their latest events. One can click on the Wisestamp icon in Gmail and edit the signature to show your latest event or promotion.  If you have installed WiseStamp, revisit your dashboard and add in the feature to promote your latest event.

  5. Place It: The Branding Tool

Placeit is a tool that allows you to being able to easily create the most awesome branding image mock-ups and demo videos. One can take any of their branding images, logos, photos and place them into pre-designed images ranging from technology devices to apparel. If you are creating online courses, social media images, webinars, products or basically anything that involves showcasing products and images of your brand, this tool can revolutionize your business.

      6. BuzzSumo: The Keyword Tool

Buzz sumo is a tool that can search for keywords/phrases to find the most popular blog posts and find out who writes those blog posts around a particular topic that one is searching for. Moreover, Buzz Sumo helps one find websites containing additional information of their selected topic or subject. Additionally, Buzz sumo helps everyone locate trending content which can be shared regarding a specific topic. Besides that, Business owners could get detailed alerts and reports for content which has a specific mention of their business. Buzzsumo enables business owners to determine what type of content works online.

       7. Reflector App: The Branding App

Reflector App is an excellent app for making presentations and video recordings. It’s great for live presentations or for recording do it yourself videos on your smartphone.  It can be said that this app is like live streaming for teaching people various things.

       8. Rescue Time: The Monitoring App

Rescue time allows you to understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.  It’s an amazing tool that works along in the background as you do your daily work. It can be utilized to monitor and provide feedback or block other social media sites when you want to focus on daily tasks that you do in your business.

       9. Agorapulse: The Time Saving App

Agorapulse is an amazing app which has a comprehensive list of functions and saves a lot of time in a day. It gives one the ability to ability to respond to comments straight from the app. It benefits many people because it is tough when one is managing numerous social media profiles. Agorapulse gives you many ways of scheduling from posting a single post to scheduling many posts over a period of time including queue functions. Agora Pulse’s inbox-like layout makes it user-friendly to respond to people. It helps you to see who is an engager of your content and also helps you get influenced by other’s content. Furthermore, Social Media can take over your life, one needs to have a good strategy on hand to manage them. Inbox Zero is just one small part of Agorapulse’s functions. Tweets and messages could be assigned to team members to get tasks dome! One could not only post in real time but also see what has been posted by team members.


If you want to make your business successful, then you should consider using these apps. Once you start using these apps and tools, you would get the desired results in the form of new and happy existing customers. Moreover, these apps help you to save your precious time while you update your followers on numerous social media platforms. These 9 efficient apps would definitely help you revolutionize your business.