Chatbots – Social Network for CRM

Chatbots – Social Network for CRM

CRM plays a major role in maintaining the relationships with customers. It is an integral part of doing successful business. As markets getting more crowded, upholds customer loyalty by installing a CRM system that allows the company to effectively communicate with their customers to address their needs and concerns have become increasingly important in this age of social media. Ruby Garage a development and consulting firm said that by 2020, 85 percent customers will interact with companies without interacting with a human.

A CRM system may be failing these days as social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, built around people and relationship. Customer support is rapidly changing over the past years. Customer contact centers have evolved quite a lot to meet the rising popularity of various digital communication channels.

Chatbots are for the generation that prefers text messaging rather than traditional means of communication. It is already being in use in different industries like travel, e-commerce, healthcare, and banking. Chatbots usually assist to solve simple tasks that only require a quick response, leaving more time for customer service representatives to focus on complex customer needs that demand high-touch interactions.

Let’s understand how Chatbots are useful for CRM systems:

An attractive Images and graphics help business firm to attract large numbers of customers. Linking social media websites with CRM systems helps in a better way while interacting with the customers. Right now Facebook is hot on chatbots, and both the company itself and smaller firms such as Chatfuel are automating social channels for businesses. This will have a big impact on CRM systems that support customer service functionality.

Chatbots can engage consumers: customer service, content consumption, and productivity or transactional engagements. When it comes to content marketing, Chatbots are a great tool it can act as a gateway to a website, blog and social media channels — providing with a more interactive way to lead the customers to the content marketing efforts. This will lead to increase of traffic on websites.

Chatbots can treat customer interactions and serve only the most challenging to live agents, this will make businesses more efficient at customer interactions. With the help of Chatbots, CRM will shift from a storehouse or warehouse of customer information to a tool for better engagement with customers.

It can work as a staff or employees of the company which will replace humans.

Chatbots show interest in automation and the more efficient way for data within a CRM to be useful. Not only do Chatbots ease the interaction between employees and the system, they also serve as a direct conduit between customers and CRM data. That promises to unlock CRM data far beyond anything that good user interface or mobile accessibility could deliver.


Bansidhar Tigga

(Content Writer)