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Smart Products that are turning our Homes into Smart Homes

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Smart Homes

In this interconnected world. Are you ready to move from normal and simple home to a an advanced or smart home?

First of all, let me ask you a question; What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Connect Wi-Fi so that you can check the messages and scroll on social sites, right?

Imagine, your all home appliance is connected to a Wi-Fi and you are controlling all the things in your home. This is what they call a smart home. Let us discuss what exactly is smart home automation.

What is smart home automation?

It’s all about controlling and automation of lighting, heat, ventilation, air condition and security. Also, controlling the home appliance like washers, dryers, oven, refrigerators and television.

It works remotely. No physical work is required when everything is connected to the internet.

Home automation has been around from many decades in terms of lighting and simple appliance control. However, recently technology caught up for the idea of interconnected world, allowing full control of your home, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Convenience to life

In childhood, we were remotely controlling the remote cars and nowadays we are controlling the television and air condition by a remote. Similarly in the near future, we are going to control and automate home appliance, entertainment and security.

But, what are the applications that transforms a normal home into a smart home. Well, with increasing innovations, the products facilitating our daily lives and contributing to a smart home are continuously increasing. However, we have tried to list current popular applications of IoT and Cloud for our homes.

Smart Home Products

We all know at least a few of the smart products. Here, we are listing more products that we are not aware of, this will give us an idea of how much smart our homes are becoming!

Smart Security
  • Smart alarm systems – it’s an alarm system for the home, if any unknown person comes to your home this system warn you.
  • Smart security camera – it’s a security camera which is connected to your surveillance system.
  • Smart motion detectors – it detects movement by human or animal. Unauthorized movement is detected within a 40 ft. a range of installation. You will be instantly notified by your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet in the event of a breach when the system is armed. With additional motion sensors, more detection zones can be protected.
  • Smart smoke detectors – it detects the smoke and sends a message to your phone.
Smart home access
  • Smart garage door openers – it is innovative, high-tech features like built-in Smartphone Control making it easy to access your home and garage.
  • Smart doorbells – You can watch over your home in 1080HD video, Hear and speak to visitors with 2-way talk and protect your home day or night with built-in night vision.
  • Smart door lock – It allows you to lock the door with a special code. If anybody will try to open it you will get a notification.
Smart lighting
  • Smart bulb – The brightness of the light can be dimmed or can brighten more. It’s totally controlled by the smartphone
  • Smart plug – It can be accessed by a smartphone through Wi-Fi to make it on or off.

Home Automation

Smart Assist – It’s just like the assistant of our house. It takes care of our house even if we are not there.

Smart hubs – it gives access to connect to different smart things like a smart bulb, smart camera and many more.

Smart Energy Management
  • Smart Electric Vehicle charger
  • Home Energy consumption Monitors
  • Smart Heating and Cooling
  • Smart Water Heaters
Smart Appliances
  • Smart Washers & Dryers
  • Smart Refrigerators
  • Smart Dishwashers
  • Smart Ovens
  • Smart Vacuums

Advantages of smart home

Now we know that almost every appliance in our home can collect data and help our home to process as we program it for. Let us see what are the advantages these smart products will provide to us.

  • Convenience to daily life – Whether you will be at home or not you can control your home smartly
  • Safety – When the safety of a home comes to our mind, we hope that we can see the thief and put it in jail. How about controlling a security of a home by your mobile. Smart home securities allow us to view our home where ever we are. Smart securities consist of a camera, motion detectors and smart lock.
  • Environment-Friendly – smart home features like temperature controller, air condition and lighting helps to lower the electricity bill. Some smart home appliance tracks your electricity usage and helps to lower it.
  • User-friendly – All smart home products can be installed without any efforts. If you are tech savvy then using them is easier for you.
  • Energy Saving – Smart home products consume less electricity.
  • Fun – The smart home products gets you involved. You can enjoy while your work is going on.

Disadvantage of smart home

Cost – Most of the product have very high costs, so middle-class people can’t afford it.

Reliability – Smart home is completely depended on your internet connection, suppose your internet connection drops, none of your smart home products will work.

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