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Top 6 Smart Wearables to keep your Kids Safe

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Smart Wearables for Kids

Parents are becoming more aware of the need for infant protection in addition to their focus on their kids’ happiness these days.  They are investing more time and money into various activities to impress their children. To uplift their moods, parents are opting to buy some cool gifts for them. By gifting these gadgets, parents are hoping to know their kids’ hidden talents. For that, Smart Wearables are the perfect pick to make sure kids are engaged. The functions such as camera, video recorder, calculator, and motion sensor are added to these to make sure they match the kid’s expectations.

Modern day gadgets like smartwatches aren’t just for adults anymore. Today’s kids are growing up alongside technology, which is also updating very fast. These kids are well versed in using computers, tablets, phones, and much more. Technology has a distinct footprint in modern life and has come very far from what it was 10 to 20 years back. Parents’ requirements are quite different regarding their kids, some want to track their GPS location at all times, others who want their kids to be more active physically, want to track fitness of their kids. So, it becomes more important to do research before buying these Smart Wearables. For this purpose, we’ve compiled a list of the best Smartwatches in the market.

  1. Filip 2 Best Wearable and Smart Locator

Filip 2 Best Wearable and Smart Locator

The Filip safety smartwatch for kids is a great idea, but the price tag is too high at $199.99 (direct) and $10 per month for services. That’s too bad; in our paranoid society, a quick way to get in touch with your kid might help you put them on a longer leash, and that’s something today’s children are in desperate need of.

Let’s start by setting ground rules. Locator devices like these are for kids who want to be located. That’s why it’s smart to target gadgets like this at the under-12 set. There isn’t a locator product that can survive a rebellious teen. These only work with the kids who don’t have any problem being monitored by parents. But, instead of hefty price tag, its location results are bit off and get scuffed.

  1. Orbo Kids Smartwatch With Camera

Orbo Kids Smartwatch With Camera

The Orbo kids Smartwatch offer 16 different activities with the simple touch interface and charming sound effects. The Orbo Kids Smartwatch helps teaching the kid how to read while providing entertainment with its touchscreen. It has a built-in tiltable camera so that the kid can take photos and save them to the watch. This device has features like camera, talking Hippo, time master, games, and stimulating activities which will help keep kids occupied for hours. It has a micro USB cable for fast and easy charging. It also has interactive activities and games and is comfortable to wear and is kid friendly.

  1. GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

Strapping a wearable with tracking support to the kid’s wrist makes perfect sense, when parents need to monitor their current location. This watch GBD-GPS is very easy to use, but it’s actually a sophisticated tracking device which can track the kids in real time. The GBD-GPS is a Chinese brand. It features an alarm clock, watch, GPS locator, and cell phone. It can also track the steps, calories and sleep, in essence, the functioning of a basic fitness tracker. Coming from a foreign manufacturer, users are reported having trouble setting it up, and it takes the YouTube videos before figuring out everything. Once these hurdles are crossed, the watch functions pretty well, particularly considering the low price. This device also facilitates two-way conversation. You can save 10 phone numbers into the app, and your child can toggle those numbers to make calls. The GPS function is available on the watch. Pressing the SOS button, you can send the text message with a definite link to your child’s location on the Google map.

  1. Tencent QQwatch:GPS Phone Smartwatch

Tencent QQwatch:GPS Phone Smartwatch

The QQwatch is the wearable phone and locator for the kids, which is designed for giving parents, peace of mind while providing them with the freedom which they want. This can make and receive calls easily. You can add 5 family members and 16 friends via this app. The QQwatch automatically syncs the contacts. With the “What mode”, kids can make friends via “people nearby”.

The QQwatch has a unique blend of WiFI, GPS, and camera which allows the parents to locate their child. By opening the app, parents can see their child’s location on the map at any time. In the case of emergency, your child presses the SOS button to initiate the emergency mode. You can also setup the safety zones or the virtual radius around your location such as home, a friend’s house or in the school. Family member receives the notification when your child steps out these designated areas.

  1. HereO: GPS Watch for Kids

HereO: GPS Watch for Kids

This cool, trendy watch of HereO Company is power packed with stunning features. The watch connects to the smartphone via an app and provides GPS location of your kid to the phone. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. It is the best security watch and among the top smart wearables for kids to guard the safety of your loved ones. The device has proximity breach alerts, activated smart safe-zones, location history, school attendance tracker, and other technical features. The watch features all security features which can assure your child’s safety.

The highlights of the watch are GPS/Wi-Fi/GSM tracker. You can always watch your children through the app. Not only that you can guide them also if they lost the way or something like that. The watch works in 120 different countries without roaming charges. It comes with a built-in SIM card and one month of service, free of charge.

  1. LG GizmoPal 2 VC110 Verizon: Wireless GPS Tracking Child Wearable Smartwatch

LG GizmoPal 2 VC110 Verizon: Wireless GPS Tracking Child Wearable Smartwatch

LG is one of the reputed brand names in the electronics market. They have a great line up of electronic products like AC, Smart TV, SmartPhone, Washing Machine, and Refrigerators. Like its other products, LG GizmoPal 2 is also a great product for kids, which enables you to make calls and locate their children with the help of wireless GPS tracker.

The watch comes with the inbuilt SIM and also have the one-month free subscription. After that, you need to pay for that. You can call and receive calls from up to 4 authorized telephone numbers. It’s compatible with Android phones 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 or greater. 

Choose the best smart wearable for kids to ensure their safety.

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