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Innovative Social Media Tools Transforming Businesses

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business social media tools

In earlier days, business used to take significant time for creating awareness about their business. It took years to create brand awareness among customers.

But in today’s era, creating awareness is just a small game, where you just have to create some effective story-line for the viewers. Audio or visual or both is the effective way of marketing in today’s era.

The first social media website was “Six Degree” created by Andrew Weinreich. It was created based on the theory that every person in the world could be connected to each other

You must have seen the song “Despacito” or “See you again” or Justin Bieber’s record breaking Twitter followers and many more. If something happens in the world and is posted on social media websites, it will definitely get viral if the viewers love the content of that image, audio or video.

Today’s social media marketing

In simple terms social media marketing means increasing the viewers on your website through social sites.

For instance, when we put some pictures in social sites we expect that more people will view pictures and like, comment or share the picture, like that websites are also doing the same thing – they are also posting on social media websites and waiting for the websites to get viewed by the people so that people will get aware of the website.

What will happen if the content of the website is not liked by the people?  There will be no traffic to the website. And to bring traffic to your business, it is very important to know various types of business social media tools. Below are the types of Social Sites, following that, we have listed types of business social media tools.

Types of social media marketing

  • Social network  –

Social networks, sometimes called “relationship networks,” help people and organizations connect online to share information and ideas.

If you’re not using Social Networks yet as a part of your social media marketing plan, or if you’re looking for ideas to improve your existing strategy these social websites will help you to create awareness to  viewers

Example – Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

  • Media sharing network –

Like the social network, these sites are in valuable for brand awareness, lead generation and audience engagement.

Example- Instagram, Snapchat and  Youtube.

Discussion forums –These social sites helps to discuss, share news, information, and opinions.

Example – Quora and Digg.

  • Bookmarking and content creation networks –

These networks are a hotbed of creativity and inspiration for people seeking information and ideas, and by adding them to your social media marketing, you’ll open up new channels for building brand awareness and engaging with your audience and customers.

Example – Pinterest and Flipboard.

Review network – These network help us to know the firm well and we can write review to that firm.

Example – Zomato, Tripadviser and Glassdoor.

  • Blogging and publishing network –

In these social websites we can publish comment and discover the latest content. If your promotion strategy includes content marketing your business can gain visibility by keeping a blog. A blog doesn’t just help increase awareness of your business.

Example – WordPress and Tumblr.

  • Social Shopping network –

Get idea of latest trends, follow brands and make purchase.

Example – Polyvore, Etsy and  Fancy.

  • Internet based network –

If there’s a network devoted to the kind of products or services you provide, these networks can be a great place to engage with your audience and build brand awareness.Interest-based networks take a more targeted approach than the big social networks do by focusing solely on a single subject, such as books, music, or home design.

Example – Goodreads, Houzz, and Last.fm.

  • ‘Sharing economy’ networks –

To advertise, find, share, buy, sell, and trade products and services between peers, it helps us to find customers.

Example – Airbnb, Uber and  Taskrabbit.

  • Anonymous social networks –

While major social networks are making increasing efforts to hold users accountable for their social activity, these sites go the other way and allow users to post content anonymously.

Example – Wishper and  Ask.fm.

Types of business Social Media Tools

  • Social media management tools –

This tool helps us to schedule post and communicate followers.

Example – Hotsuit, Buffer, Rignite and Post planner.

  • Social media analytic tools –

Every social media account has a unique set of fans there for it needs to be understand how they behave, so that we can think what the customer wants.

Example – Wiselytics, Truesocialmetrics and Google analytics.

  • Social media campaign tools –

Run attractive contest, offers and several other campaign.

Example – Heyo, Shortstack and  Woobox.

  • Content creation tools –

Creating and sharing quality content.

Example – Buzzsumo and Scribble.

  • Visual content creation tools –

Create visual content.

Example – Canva, Photoshop and  Picmonkey.

  • Content finding and saving tools –

Finding and sharing others content

Example – Feedly and Alltop.

  • Content sharing tools –

It makes it easy for both audience and you to share the content you create and get the maximum traffic.

Example – Shareaholic and Addthis.

  • Social media productive tools –

This reminds what you suppose to do at that time.

Example – Evernote, Wunderlist and Todolist.

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