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5 Ways IOT Enhancing The Transportational Industry

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The internet of things is a popular term these days that are used to interrelate computing devices, digital machines, and mechanical objects. IoT technology is used to transfer data over a network without any human interaction. Plenty of organizations are using IoT to improve their efficiency and to better understand their customers. This enables the company so that they can deliver improved and enhanced customer services and accelerate the overall decision-making process too.

Let us discuss the IoT benefits for transportation.

Transportation is the second largest industry for the investors of IoT. Among overall investment, a small portion of this goes to fleet management and monitoring. IoT has changed transportation or trucking industry rapidly. Here, the reason behind this is connectivity enhancement and mobile technology as well. Today gadgets are being used by everyone that makes the work more efficient and carry out many vital roles and important operations. IoT has made trucking and road safety system quite easier, even fleet management also has become quite organized and managed post involvement of IoT.

In every country, most of the freight management is being done by trucks and in the US truck transportation is a major part of the economy. Due to IoT involvement even autonomous trucks will also become reality.

Here are the major changes that are being offered by IoT in the transportation industry:-

  1. Fleet Management

fleet management

Business owners always prefer to get real-time information so that they can reap more business benefits by taking timely decisions. Fleet management technology such as CameraMatics is being adopted by many business owners and it is gradually improving.
Soon, better maintenance cost, fuel consumption, operational efficiency, and speedy responses will be provided by the system. The system also offers geo-fencing, real-time decision-making capability, and customized dashboards etc.

  1. Transit Management

Transit Management

Passengers can get the benefits from the Public Transit Management system. Earlier it was a challenge to predict the exact time of vehicle arrival and to know its particular stop. IoT has made the information available in real-time. In this system, data that has to be tracked is usually sent either to the data center or to the central system after which it is being sent to internet-enabled mobile devices.

IoT has removed all challenges that were faced earlier in the public transit systems. Re-routing feature of IoT makes enable the people to take an alternative when they find an issue in real-time tracking of the system.

  1. Smart Inventory Management

Smart Inventory Management

The real-time inventory management can help in getting the actual status of the warehouse, production center, and the distribution center. Due to these features, inventory management costs are reduced significantly and maintenance gets improved. Even quality and the level of information that is provided by the system strengthens traditional or legacy inventory management system.

  1. Maximal Asset Utilization

Maximal Asset Utilization

With the help of the transport management system, asset tracking became much faster and easier. Even physical assets can be tracked and managed online in the real-time. All related information like their location, status, and other information can be managed or tracked easily. The truck owner can know the actual load of their truck and its location as well. Asset’s latitude and longitude can be known through IoT. Threshold and tolerance of the device can be known by the advanced analytics system and used to manage the trucks ahead.

  1. Geo-Fencing


Geo-fencing is the advanced form of GPS that can capture the asset location or device location with the help of coordinates of that area. Automated tasks can also be started with the help of Geo-fencing. If a driver deviates from a pre-specified path then you will receive the alert, and it may impact delivery time directly.

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