Video Marketing Statics 2019

Online promoting trends change with every new delivery technique and channel. Every year brings new technology, new opportunities, and new social channels to catch user fancy. The massive winners in the battle for customer attention might be early adopters throwing resources into promising new technology that proves booming, or businesses who stick with a specific channel to create an enormous following.

Video marketing is certainly not new, however, the market is ever-changing, and video has emerged as a transparent winner.

Content marketing and social media modified the marketing game in a major way. Brand storytelling took center stage, propelled by the advantages of humanizing and permitting businesses to connect in a more significant way with their client base.

For small businesses, a video is a cheap way to level the playing field. Here, big businesses and slick, expensive advertising spots do not always have the advantage.

Smaller companies can stand out in many ways:

  • Answering customer FAQs
  • Showcasing products in action
  • Asking for user-generated contributions featuring real-life customers
  • Introducing staff and showing an intimate look around operations
  • Demonstrating product use
  • Featuring video testimonials

Video Marketing Statics Report

The video marketing statistics presented below will give information about how videos perform across different platforms and devices, who uses videos and who watches them, what impact videos have on conversion rates, and how videos can improve ad campaigns. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

 Video marketing statistics

Bansidhar Tigga (Content Writer)