Artificial Intelligence

AI trends 2020

How AI will transform the Recruitment Process in 2020?

Big data is not only here to remain, but also it is ready to get even larger in the coming years. In addition, a big ...
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ways AI change life

10 Ways How AI Will Change Your Life Forever

The technology is being applied to learn human habits, likes and relationship patterns. Just as Netflix uses an algorithm to suggest films you watch, a ...
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AI news anchor

World first AI news anchor is reading the news for china

China’s state media agency Xinhua just revealed the first “AI news anchor” that can talk, move, and act like a real human news anchor. It also ...
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Chatbots – Social Network for CRM

CRM plays a major role in maintaining the relationships with customers. It is an integral part of doing successful business. As markets getting more crowded, ...
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Artificial intelligence in Retail

Engagement of Artificial intelligence in the Retail Industry

In early days, people used to go to the retail stores and all the things were done manually. Processes like billing, porting of materials, and ...
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